Welcome to Pest Keen, your reliable source for natural pest control solutions. In a world increasingly concerned about the long-term effects of synthetic pesticides, we are here to help you navigate toward safer alternatives.

These chemicals, while effective, can pose serious harm to the environment and human health when exposure is prolonged. At Pest Keen, we believe in equipping our readers with knowledge about simple, natural home remedies for pest control that are as effective as eco-friendly​.

Our team is a mix of experts who combine their unique experiences and skills to provide you with the best information. Leading our team is Gulshan, our Chief Editor. A biotechnologist by profession, Gulshan discovered a passion for pest research that was ignited by a personal encounter with pests.

What was once a fear of cockroaches and rats turned into a quest for understanding and managing them effectively. Her experience and knowledge are instrumental in shaping the content and ensuring the accuracy of our pest control solutions​​.

Complementing Gulshan is Tiffany Gracely, an author and practicing entomologist. Tiffany spends the majority of her time working for a pest control firm. Realizing the scope of her knowledge and the potential impact it could have, she decided to share her insights with a broader audience. Her practical advice and consultation experiences enrich our content, providing actionable, expert advice for pest control needs​.

At Pest Keen, we are committed to providing reliable, well-researched, and easy-to-understand information to help you deal with pests safely for you and the environment. We welcome you to explore our website and join us in our mission to make the world a safer and pest-free place, naturally.

Meet Our Team



Chief Editor

A biotechnologist by profession and a passionate pest researcher. I have been one of those people who used to run away from cockroaches and rats due to their pesky features, but then we all get that turn in life when we have to face something.

Tiffany Gracely

Author | Entomologist

The majority of my time is spent working for a pest control firm. Despite the fact that I am still employed, I became aware that I might help more individuals if I wrote what I spoke with them during my consultations.