Pest Keen is a website that provides natural pest control solutions. Users are becoming more concerned about the long-term effects of synthetic pesticides. These chemicals not only harm the environment, but they can also harm people’s health if they are exposed to them for a long time. Pest Keen is here to help readers like you understand simple natural home remedies for pest control.

Meet Our Team


Chief Editor

A biotechnologist by profession and a passionate pest researcher. I have been one of those people who used to run away from cockroaches and rats due to their pesky features, but then we all get that turn in life when we have to face something.

Tiffany Gracely

Author | Entomologist

The majority of my time is spent working for a pest control firm. Despite the fact that I am still employed, I became aware that I might help more individuals if I wrote what I spoke with them during my consultations.