Can Ants Fly? The Surprising Answer! 

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Ants typically crawl around on the ground, but can ants fly? Interestingly, ants grow wings and swarm on specific days. One possibility is that the queen emits a pheromone to signal the swarm. Another theory suggests that changes in air pressure or temperature trigger wing growth. Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating to see these insects take flight!

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Can Ants Fly? The Surprising Answer!

can ants fly

Yes, ants can fly. Ants fly when they need to establish a new colony. It is done by finding a mate or starting a new colony in a new location. The flying ant swarm is usually seen during the rainy season.

When it rains more frequently, new colonies are created. However, ants will swarm at any time of year if necessary.

Flying ants are called Alates and take flight with the larger winged females and smaller winged males. Once they mate, the female will start a new colony, and the male will die. When ants fly, it is called a nuptial flight.

The male ants will search for a mate to start a new colony during this time. They travel long distances to find queen ants and are not looking for food during this time.

What do flying ants look like?

What do flying ants look like?

Flying ants are a specific type of ant that has two pairs of wings. They are generally bigger than other types of ants. And the majority of flying ants are worker ants, which are all female. Male flying ants also exist and play an important role in reproduction.

Signs of Ant Infestation

If you see a lot of ants and they seem to be swarming, there is a good chance you have an ant infestation.

  1. If you see large black or dark red ants, they are probably carpenter ants. Winged swarmers for carpenter ants can measure up to 18 mm. So if you see any insects that look like this, it is likely an infestation. Carpenter ant scouts are usually black, but sometimes they can be dark red.
  2. Ants do not eat wood. Instead, they push the shavings out of their nests to make room for new eggs. Carpenter ants are known for their destructive behavior as they burrow through the wood to make their nests. 

How to get rid of flying ants?

How to get rid of flying ants?

Flying ants are just like regular ants, except they have wings. They will die quickly if they dry up, so it is important to take action quickly. Ants are likely to settle down in one day, so it is best to act fast.

There are various ways to kill off flying ants, including using a swatter, rolled-up magazine, or vacuum.

While you might have some traditional ant bait around your house, it’s not likely to work on flying ants. Flying ants are attracted to different things than regular ants. So you’ll need to use a different method to catch them.

Bait strategies of fly paper with water

One way is to attract and catch flying insects with fly paper and water. You can also hang up fly paper near areas where they tend to congregate or use sticky tape on entry points.

Seal cracks and holes in walls

Check for and seal any cracks or crevices in the wall or floor. Repair any openings around windows, screens, vents, and doors.

Ant Control and Treatment Ways for ant colonies’ pest infestation

Ant Control and Treatment Ways for ant colonies's pest infestation

Flying ants can be a real nuisance. It can cause a lot of damage to your property. They love moisture and food, so it is important to control them. You can vacuum them up, fix damaged wood, and seal cracks to help keep them out.

You can do this by keeping your home clean and free of food sources that ants are attracted to. If you already have ants, apply treatment quickly before they become infested. 

Do flying ants fly all day with the same swarming numbers?

There is a lot of confusion around flying ants and whether they fly all day or just on one specific day. The truth is that ants don’t fly every day but all at once. It occurs during the ‘flying ant season.

What is the difference between carpenter ants and termite wings?

What are the difference between carpenter ants and termite wings?

There are many types of ants. But two of the most common are carpenter ants and termites. They both have a caste system. It organizes their society into different social classes.

The reproductive class comprises the queen and king, responsible for producing new colony members. The worker class does manual labor. Such as gathering food and building nests. The soldier class defends the colony from enemies.

Carpenter ants are easily recognized by their large heads and mandibles. While termites look like small white “mushrooms.”

Though ants and termites may look similar, some key differences exist between these two types of insects. For one, ants have three body segments: Head, Thorax, and Abdomen.

At the same time, termites have only two body segments: Head and Abdomen. Additionally, termite antennae are beaded, while ants’ antennae are straight and narrow.

Do flying ants bite humans?

Mostly, they are not interested in biting humans and will only do so if provoked. Their mandibles (or mouth parts) are used for gripping and carrying food, while their stingers (which are only found on female flying ants) are used to defend themselves against predators.

Some people may wonder if flying ants bite. The answer is that other ants may do that occasionally, too. If a species of ant doesn’t bite or sting, the alates won’t.

If an ant stings or bites, the alate can still do so if they feel threatened. One simple way to determine if a flying ant will harm you is to see if they have wings.


Carpenter ants are a type of winged swarmer ant. They have elbowed antennae and pinched waists. In conclusion, ants can fly if they nest in wet and rotting wood. If you have found ants nesting indoors, the first thing to do is repair or replace the rotted wood.

You can then use an insecticide to kill the ants. Ant bait is available at the home center, hardware stores, and online.

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