Child Of The Earth Bug: All About The Jerusalem Cricket.

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The Child of the Earth Bug is a rare and unique creature that can be found in select areas of the world. This bug is so named because it is said to be the offspring of the earth itself. It is a small, brown, beetle-like creature that can be difficult to find, but those who are lucky enough to see one say that it is a beautiful sight. Keep reading to find out more about this bug.

What is the child of the earth bug?

child of the earth bug

The child of the earth bug is a several-inch long insect found in organic material such as potatoes. It is also known as the Jerusalem cricket, the potato bug, or El Nino de la Tierra.

These bugs are generally harmless to humans and pets and generally feed on decaying matter. In fact, these bugs are more specifically attracted to various crops and potatoes.

The Jerusalem cricket, also known as El Nino de la Tierra, is a large, brownish-black cricket that is found in moist areas across the United States.

It gets its common name from its similarity to the Jerusalem cricket of South America. This insect has an unusually large head for its body size and can be up to 2 inches long.

Interestingly, the term “potato bug” can refer to two different insects – the strange, alienesque potato bug is also known as Stenopelmatus fuscus, while the Colorado potato bug is also found throughout the Southwest US.

The Jerusalem cricket is brown and hairy with a large head that looks somewhat like a human skull. They typically live under rocks or logs in wet environments.

The Colorado potato bug is red and black with distinctive orange stripes on its back and feeds primarily on potatoes but will also eat other vegetables.

What are the other names of the child of the earth bug?

The other names of the child of the earth bug are –

Child of the earth bug

Now, I’ll be using the names in rotation in this article. So, if you get confused, remember that I’m talking about the child of the earth bug only unless I say otherwise!

Identification of the child of the earth bug

Jerusalem cricket

Jerusalem crickets are one of the largest insects in the United States. They can grow up to 50 millimeters in length and have a dark brown color. They are also sometimes referred to as potato bugs or el Nino de la Tierra.

The Jerusalem Cricket is a strange-looking creature that is found throughout North and South America.

They have a long thorax and abdomen that alternate between black and brown, giving them a bizarre, alienesque appearance. While they are known to be harmless to people, they can do damage to crops and vegetation.

Jerusalem crickets need moisture to survive. Therefore, it only makes sense that these bugs are most active during the springtime and after rainfalls.

What is the ideal habitat for Jerusalem crickets?

Jerusalem crickets are active at night and can be found in a variety of habitats, including gardens, fields, and forests.

These crickets are a hardy species that thrive in warm, dry climates and prefer such areas over fields, forests, and gardens. For instance, you would be more likely to find Jerusalem crickets in fields, deserts, and agricultural areas.

However, when conditions become too extreme for them, they will move into homes or other sheltered areas. Homeowners should be on the lookout for these large, brown insects during extremely hot and dry seasons.

What do potato bugs eat as a part of their diet?

Potato bugs can be beneficial to the garden because they primarily feed on decaying organic material. This helps to keep the soil healthy and enriched. While they will eat other things, such as fruits and vegetables, their main diet consists of decomposing plants and insects.

Although Jerusalem crickets are not particularly harmful to plants but, they can still consume too much juice from leaves and stems, leading to damage. This is why it is important for gardeners and farmers to be vigilant in controlling these pests.

Potato bugs are not venomous, but they can be pests to gardeners. These bugs feed on fresh, young plants, so they can damage gardens and crops.

Where are children of the earth bugs found?

Jerusalem crickets are not native to Jerusalem, despite their name; instead, they are primarily found in the western portion of the country. They are also not true crickets, incidentally.

They can be found all across Arizona, New Mexico, and the country’s Pacific coast, from British Columbia all the way across to Baja California and numerous more locations in Mexico.

The Jerusalem cricket prefers to live underground in burrows. However, they can sometimes be found above ground in warm, moist areas.

What is the life cycle of the El Nino de la Tierra?

The life cycle of the Jerusalem cricket, also known as the potato bug or El Nino de la Tierra, is a relatively short one. They have a low rate of reproduction, so large infestations are rare. However, they can be very destructive when they do occur.

Jerusalem crickets reproduce through sexual reproduction in three stages: egg, nymph, and adult. The cricket’s eggs are laid in the soil and hatch after a few weeks. Nymphs look like small adults and go through a series of molts before becoming an adult.

Once they reach complete maturity, they mate, and the process starts all over again. Interestingly, adults drum on the ground to find mates; it is thought that this behavior may also be used to warn predators away.

Are Jerusalem crickets harmful, poisonous, or venomous?

Contrary to popular belief, Jerusalem crickets, though not harmful, poisonous, or venomous, can inflict a painful bite if mishandled.

Jerusalem crickets can be a nuisance to farmers and property owners.

These insects feed on a variety of food items, but they are especially drawn to the starch in potatoes and other root vegetables. If there are many Jerusalem crickets in an area, they can cause damage to crops.

The best way to control Jerusalem cricket populations is by trapping and baiting them, using pesticides, or removing objects from the area where they are found.

What do you need to know about the Jerusalem cricket’s bite?

Jerusalem cricket bites are most common when you are gardening. Jerusalem crickets feed on decaying plant matter, so they may be avoided by wearing gloves. If you are bitten, there is little you can do to relieve the pain and itchiness but wait for it to go away.

Jerusalem crickets, like most insects, will try to make themselves look as big as possible before they bite. This is usually in an attempt to scare off potential predators or humans. Jerusalem cricket bites are not venomous, but they can still cause a lot of pain.

How to treat Jerusalem crickets or the potato bugs bite?

Child of the earth bug

If you are bitten by a child of the earth bug, there honestly isn’t much you can do for the pain right away. But, it is important to clean the area around the bite with warm water and soap. This will help you prevent infection due to the presence of germs around the bite.

There’s a good chance that you’re going to find the bite itchy. My advice would be to use apple cider vinegar by preparing a 50% solution with water and then using a cotton ball to apply the solution.

You can then apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the bite 3 or 4 times a day until any pain, itchiness, or redness has gone.

How can you get rid of or kill potato bugs without using toxic chemicals?

Potato bugs, also known as Jerusalem crickets, are garden pests that prefer the outdoors.

They can be identified by their hissing noises, wilted plants, stunted plants, damaged flowerbeds, and dead or damaged plants. If you think you have a potato bug infestation, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them:

How to kill potato bugs with Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is an entirely non-toxic way to kill potato bugs. It consists of tiny pieces of fossilized algae that have sharp edges. When the bugs walk over it, the edges cut into their skin, and they die from dehydration.

Although diatomaceous Earth is effective in reducing the number of potato bugs, it is less effective when wet or damp. Areas where potato bugs are found should be treated with a light dusting of Diatomaceous Earth, which will reduce the number of these pests.

In order to kill potato bugs with Diatomaceous Earth, you just need to sprinkle it around your garden and reapply it after rain when the soil has dried out.

How to use neem oil solutions to get rid of potato bugs?

Neem oil is a natural pesticide that can be used to get rid of various types of pests, including Jerusalem crickets, potato bugs, and others.

It works by inhibiting the hormones in the insects and affecting their ability to reproduce. You can buy neem oil online or at your local store, and it is easy to use.

Neem oil insecticides are known for their ability to control pests such as the Colorado potato beetle, cockroaches, and other bugs. They have been found to be effective in controlling these pests without harming the environment.

In order to make your own potato bug killer home remedy, mix neem oil and soap together. You can then spray it on the leaves of the plants that you want to protect.

Make sure that you also spray this solution under the leaves of your plants because these bugs leave their eggs and larvae on the bottom part of the leaves!

How to get rid of potato bugs and their eggs in your garden?

I’ve already told you about using Diatomaceous Earth and neem oil to get rid of potato bugs. But, here are some additional physical measures you can take to ensure that you get all the potato bugs in your garden!

Use traps to get rid of Jerusalem crickets!

Jerusalem crickets can be caught using traps, but the traps must be placed where they are suspected to be lurking. The trap should capture any Jerusalem cricket that walks on it.

To make the trap at home, you will need to smear petroleum jelly on a wooden board. Place these boards in areas that see an abundance of these bugs and simply wait for these bugs to get stuck to the board. Keep placing such traps till your garden is entirely free of potato bugs!

Clear out your yard and get rid of the clutter.

Remove any debris or clutter from your yard – this will help reduce the chances of Jerusalem crickets from setting up home.

You can also spray your yard with an insecticide to kill any bugs that may be present. Finally, keep your lawn well-manicured and mowed – this will also help discourage these pests from taking up residence in your yard.

Child of the earth bug vs. Colorado potato bug: What’s the difference?

Colorado potato bug

The Colorado potato bug is a beetle that is found in most parts of the world. They are black with yellow stripes and have oval-shaped bodies. They stay deep underground during the winter months and emerge in the spring to lay eggs on leaves.

The most noticeable difference between the child of the earth bug and the Colorado potato bug is that of appearance. As you know, child of the earth bugs basically looks like aliens. The Colorado potato bug looks more like what you’d expect a generic insect to look like!

Further, the Colorado potato bug can fly! The Jerusalem cricket can’t. The former bug also prefers to nest much below the surface of the soil. They only come out in the spring season for reproduction and laying eggs!

Additional facts about the child of the earth bug or potato bugs!

Here are some more things that you might like to know about the child of the earth bug!

Jerusalem crickets or child of the earth bugs are quite timid.

Jerusalem crickets or child of the earth bugs are quite timid and usually run away when they see humans. However, if they are cornered or picked up, they can bite quite hard, and it can be quite painful.

Why are they called child of the earth bugs?

Jerusalem crickets are called the child of the Earth bugs because of their resemblance to human children. They get their common name, El Nino de la Tierra, from their habit of appearing after El Nino weather patterns.

Jerusalem crickets are also named after their homeland, Jerusalem. These big bugs have dark-black eyes and big heads, which makes them look sinister. Despite their absurd appearance, they are harmless to humans and mostly feed on decaying matter or plants.

Jerusalem crickets are also so named because they enjoy eating potato tubers. 

Is the child of the earth bug a rare insect?

The child of the earth bug is not a rare insect. These bugs are commonly found west of the Rocky Mountains and occur along the Pacific Coast from British Columbia to Mexico. These insects live the major portion of their lives underground.

However, when they move about above ground, it is usually at night, early morning, or late evening.


And that’s all you need to know about the child of the earth bug. You have four options of names to choose from. So call it whatever you like!

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