How Do Ants Get In My Car? All You Need To Know

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Ants are one of the most unbearable creatures to notice anywhere, and watching them crawl in your car is not a good feeling. How do ants get in my car? How do I remove them, and how do I ensure they never return? At the end of this, you will know the answers to those questions and solutions to get rid of them.

Ants are one of the most infuriating pests to witness, and they become more frustrating when they invade your personal belongings. There are various ways ants could get into your possession, but the reason is always the same: food and shelter. However, a vehicle such as a car is not an option for shelter in the long run. The same goes for ants. The main reason you notice ants on your seats, surfaces, and dashboards is nothing but food.

Why do you have ants inside your car?

how do ants get in my car

If you notice a big colony of ants crawling around your car, then it is a sign that your car needs some pest diagnostics. Seeing even a few ants in your car is an alert.

But the question is, why do these ants roam in your car? Well, the answer is food; there is always some food or eating stuff lying around your car’s dashboard. If you have it, then ants can and will invade your car.

Scout ants are in continuous search of food for the survival of their ant colony. If that ant finds even a small source of food, it will leave a trail of the scent known as pheromones.

Pheromones are specific scents produced by ants, bees, or other insects to find their way to food sources or shelter. After following the scent trail, worker ants begin transferring food.

Identify the Ants: Type of Ants in Car?

There are many different species, but the specific one that may intrude depends on your geographical area. Any ant species can get in your car locally in your parking area, but some of the specific and most common ants could be the ones in your car.

Black ants, or Carpenter ants

This kind of black ant is the most prevalent in the United States, so the chances are good that it’s the perpetrator in your vehicle. The largest ants you could find crawling about your area are glossy black or reddish, and they’re the most common odorous ants.

odorous ants

The scent of odiferous ants is well-known. They have a rotting coconut odor when crushed. They are between one-fifteenth and one-ninth of an inch in length. They thrive in hot, humid conditions and may be found just about anywhere.

Fire ants

red ants fire ants

Fire ants in car are just as common as black ants, but the small and evil version. These ants are known for their stings and bites and are commonly called “ginger ants.

These ants do not infest any artificial infrastructure, but only the soil-made shelters by themselves. But don’t take them for granted and leave your food out; you don’t know that your car might be infested with ants.

Pavement ants

identification of pavement ants

The size of pavement ants varies from 1/8 inch to 1/16 inch long. Their color varies from darkish brown to black bodies. It has a rusted look, but it is still different from fire ants.

Having some resourceful knowledge about something you are going to face will give you a good advantage. Perceiving information about specific species that would have infested your car will help you get rid of them quite effectively.

How do ants get in my car?

You will not even have an idea how these ants got inside of your car, even when you remember locking it perfectly. When you parked your car beside a tree, you wouldn’t have noticed the large trail of ants searching for food.

guide for ants pest control

There are many openings through which ants could enter your car: windows, AC ducts, tires, and many more unimaginable openings. Ants have hundreds of ways by which they can enter your car because of their small size.

The main reason you are witnessing ants is that you have parked your car in their food-searching territory. It might be in your garage or the underground parking of any complex.

Location is a big deal. In this case, ants are stubborn about their ration, for which they can travel far enough. Take a look at where you are parking your car and investigate a little to see if there is a tree nearby that could be another point of infestation for carpenter ants.

A car is a result of intriguing human engineering, made up of various complex parts and machinery, and this is like a solar system for an ant. Ant intrusion is the least of your worries if there is an infestation of ants inside your car because then things might go out of your hand.

There are barely any chances for you to find the source of the infestation, which will make it impossible for you to destroy it. But we will wish for the best and look into effective ways to get rid of ants in cars without much hustle.

How to get rid of ants in your car?

This is a matter of urgency if you notice even a small number of pests like ants in your car because if you do not hurry, the infestation could take place, and we do not want that in any case.

ants on cars

It doesn’t matter what blog or article tells you that getting rid of ants is going to be the work of cutting a cake.

Removing ants, especially from your car, is quite tricky and not so uncomplicated, but there are some ways in which you can remove ants with much more efficiency and accuracy.

Clean your car’s interior.

This is the first and foremost step toward getting rid of the ants from the car. The main reason we know why ants intrude in the first place is food, and there are plenty of sources in your car that you don’t know about.

It could be the wrapper of candy stuffed deep behind your front seat or pieces of donuts you ate last Sunday. There is nothing wrong with eating while exploring in your car, but you must clean up all the waste after eating.

There could be tiny dried leftovers in difficult corners, and the smell of them. Vacuum them and use multi-purpose freshening spray to get rid of ant-lurking smells. This will also remove the trails of pheromone left by the scouting ants.

Clean the whole interior with precision and remove any possible source of eatable things, mainly sugary things, as most ants are attracted to sweet food, and some look for protein-rich food.

So cleaning and washing your car from the inside out is the first step that you have to perform accurately.

Clean your car from the outside.

Cleaning your car from the outside is as important as cleaning it from the inside because, logically, the first contact made by the ants with your car is from the outside.

This will help you remove the trails of entering points in the car and eliminate any ants lurking on the outside of the body of your car.

Put your car in for some cleaning. Wash it using the appropriate pressurized water stream with some foam of your choice.

Clean every possible exterior of your car, including the hood, back, wheel wells, and undercarriage. Do not forget to wash your tires as they are the main staircase of your car for the ants.

Ant killer for car

You washed your car inside and out, but still, some of them are wandering around like a buffet, so again, the question is how to get rid of ants in my car.

Killing these ants could be a handful, but there are some ways by which you can kill them the evil way. In the market, various ant baits can do wonders for you.

Ants bait 

Ant baits are simple mechanisms to lure ants with the smell of foodstuffs in the center of them. The food that is used here is intoxicated with an ant-killing insecticide.

However, as we know, there are two kinds of ants, one that eats sugary-based food and the other that eats protein-based foods, so with this in mind, there are two varieties of ant baits based on the same. Make sure you choose the right bait for the right species of ant.

Another way to kill the ants is by using a car-friendly pest fogger. A pest fogger, or a fumigator, is a mechanism that helps get rid of a huge infestation of bugs, ants, or any infestation.

It is that much strong that it could eliminate every last of the ants from your house and your car. But there is one drawback of using foggers in the car, they are not primarily made for cars and can indirectly affect your health.

How to Prevent Ants Coming Back into Your Car?

Keep Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean and eradicating any reason for ants to infest it will be great. Remove coffee cups, crumbs, and sauce sachets. Use car fresheners and cleansers for sparkling your car. Also, cleaning the car from the outside is as necessary as cleaning it from the inside.

Vacuum Thoroughly

You will never know what kind of edible stuff might be lying inside the dark corners. Vacuum every corner thoroughly and make sure that your car is free from any kind of waste or rotting material because this can invite not only ants but any kind of pest.

Consider Changing Parking Spots

If you’ve ever had ants in your car before, you can be sure that they’ll return since the pheromone trail has already been established, and they won’t have any trouble getting into your beloved vehicle. Change the parking spot and they’ll be baffled.

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