How Do You Get Rid Of Ants In The House When You Have Pets And Children?

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Pets are highly susceptible to pests and insects and could be fatal if not kept in check. How do you get rid of ants in the house when you have pets and children? This question should always be asked before applying any harsh chemical exterminator to ants, which might directly or indirectly affect kids and pets in the house. There are various ways in which you can put an end to the ants’ infestation in your house.

We will focus on natural ways to remove ants that will not be harmful to innocent pets or kids. Before moving forward, we will know why ants intrude on your housesThe ultimate reason is food and shelter, and until you don’t stop providing it to them, the ants’ infestation will not stop. The first and foremost procedure is to start with prevention.

How to get rid of ants without harming pets and kids? [Prevention] 

The initial and preventive step is to make sure that you do not have tiny, unreachable food crumbs lying around in the dark corners of your kitchen cabinets. Do not leave the kitchen platform dirty after cooking your meal. If you have anything sugary left on the tables, wipe it down.

how do you get rid of ants in the house when you have pets and children

If you have kids and pets, then there will be an incident of spilling food and drinks on your sofa, carpets, and bedsheets, which is an invitation for scout and worker ants.

However, after being a robotic cleaning machine, you still notice ants lurking around, so you need to take strict action before infestation.

Some ant killers are safe for pets, but identifying through the real one is difficult and could be a gamble on your pet’s life. Use ants traps and baits in such places where your pet cannot reach, but ants can.

Are ants harmful to people and pets?

Ants can cause many problems, and one of the major factors is irritation to the mind. As per the given statement by the National Wildlife Federation, this world is home to more than 12,000 species of ants, of which the majority cause no harm to humans.

But carry and transmit harmful bacteria and diseases, destroy the artificial surroundings, can cause severe allergic reactions.

ants in kitchen

According to studies of ants, Monomorium ants have a specific ability to carry pathogenic bacteria. The pharaoh ants, which come from the family of Monomorium ants, cause bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies not only to humans but also to pets. An ant infestation is harmful to pets and kids if eggs and larvae grow into full-fledged adults.

Ants could bite on the soft skin of kids, which would cause pain, rashes, and most likely a bacterial infection. Ants will invite other insects to feed on themselves, which will sooner or later become another infestation of another pest.

How do you get rid of ants in the house when you have pets and children?

This is highly perplexing about what to do and what not, which might affect your pets and kids in the home. There are dozens of methods, procedures, and ready-made ant killers that effectively eliminate ants but are contagious to pets.

Whether a cat or a dog, both get excited when they witness ants or their colony crawling around. They prefer to attack, or one in a thousand lets them go peacefully.

Still, there are many cases in which ants enter the cat’s or dog’s nostrils and respiratory system and cause pain and swelling in the areas.

Uncountable ant killer products claim to be pet-friendly but still contain hazardous substances in them that will be harmful to a cat or dog if licked or swallowed.

There are various articles that might tell you to use tricky homemade remedies and ingredients to get rid of ants from the house, but they are time-consuming and ineffective in the first place.

In this article, I will explain to you 12 natural ways to eliminate and repel ants, which will be effective, precise, and pet-friendly.

12 natural ways to eliminate and repel ants 

These natural methods are safe and effective in eliminating ants without harming your pets and kids. For best results, the correct procedure and steps should be taken according to the geography and structure of your house.

ants in the house

Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide)

Diatomaceous earth is a harsh powdered substance made up of silica. It is harsh and absorbs any moisture or oil it touches. Mix it with a sugary item to lure ants or sprinkle it on them. Diatomaceous earth powder will directly suck out ants’ moisture and dry them up.

Food grade diatomaceous earth is available anywhere and also follow the given instructions on the package. Keep pets away from the area of an ongoing procedure.

Glass cleaner and liquid detergent

This procedure is necessary for all aspects. As we know, ants leave a pheromone trail wherever they go to mark their path and act as a map.

Cleaning the windows and other surfaces with any glass cleaner or liquid detergent, where you last saw the ants would remove all scent trails of pheromone. This will repel the ants from coming back.

Ground black or red pepper

Ground black or red pepper is natural ants repellent. Ants find this smell irritating and cannot beer hanging around it. Sprinkle a little amount behind electric appliances in the corners of the kitchen platforms.

This is the safest method and will not harm anyone, including the pets and kids in the home, and will also keep ants at a distance.

Tea tree oil

tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is also one of the most effective ant repellents. The scent of this will sting the sensors of ants, which will keep them at bay. The odor of tea tree oil is very strong and will also irritate your pet, especially dogs. So, to minimize the effect of the smell, dilute it with some water and peppermint oil.

White vinegar

Vinegar is very common and could be found in any neighborhood general or convenience store. It is a natural ant killer and repellent and used as a cleaning agent. Make a vinegar mixture and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it wherever you see a trail of ants crawling around and see the effect.

Boiling water

Boiling water is effective if put to use precisely at the target point. The best way to get rid of ants with boiling water is by using it in ant holes. Pour the boiling water into the holes of ants near your home.

It will kill all the ants in an instance, including ant queen and eggs if present there. Do the same procedure with every hole you find in the radius of your house.

Boric acid

Boric acid is a weak chemical compound but has antivirus, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, making it an effective ant killer. It can kill ants within 2-3 weeks after exposure.

Boric acid begins to erode ants’ outer shells and stomachs, which eventually kills them. You can also use it as a trap by mixing it with sugary and sweetened items. NOTE: Boric acid should be kept out of reach of kids and pets as it is harsh.

Borax (sodium tetraborate)

borax insect killer

Borax is a powdered substance known as sodium tetraborate and is commonly used as a glass cleaning product.

Borax and boric acid may sound similar, but they aren’t, and both are equally effective in killing and removing ants. You can buy it from any hardware shop or chemical store. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets to ensure their safety.

Check your houseplants

Your house plants could be the source of ants infestation. There is a high probability that ants might have made their home in the soil of houseplant pots. Remove any houseplant that is giving off too many ants.

To prevent them from making your plant pot their home, surround the soil with citrus fruit peels like lemon and oranges.

Keep the outdoors outside.

ant trail

To prevent ants in your house, the first step is to take care of the surrounding of your house. Cut off any plant or tree, becoming a bridge for ants and your house’s windows. Trim the tree if it’s bending out of your yard, which will make it easier for ants to enter.

Cut off sources of food

The ultimate reason you have ants in your home is the available sources of sugary and starch-full foods. That being the case, the best way to avoid ants is to cut off any reason for them to stay, the most peaceful method, but it is also the most time-consuming. Keep containers and food jars completely sealed and out of their reach.

Eliminate food crumbs and vacuum thoroughly in every corner. Treats and favorite meals of your pet also attract the ants, so clean the bowls immediately after feeding.

Eliminate ant entrances

Consequently, Understanding how these ants got inside the house and identifying their entrance can help greatly. There might be a rift hole in the wall. Seal the possible entry point and apply ants repellent with caution while keeping the pet in your mind.

Ecosmart Organic Pest Control

There are many ant killers and traps labeled as pet-friendly, and the most reputed are Ecosmart organic Pest control spray. It works in both places, indoors and outdoors. It is the safest organic ant killer spray. It does not contaminate water or harm pets or kids and is also effective.

Wondercide Pest Spray

Wondercide pest spray is also one of the best pet-friendly ant killer indoor sprays. It kills and repels ants very effectively and could also be used in the kitchen. Not only ants, but they can deal with other pests too. It is a mixture of many natural oils and gives off a good vibe aroma and death vibe to ants.

Pet safe ant killers

What to do if nothing of the above methods works? The only way, which is the brutal way, is to call the exterminator. They will use an ant killer that’s safe for pets.

Exterminators will eliminate ants with their professional ways in no time and effort but take some precautions and give time to chemicals to dissolve in the atmosphere before entering your house.

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