How to Get Carpet Beetles Out Of A Mattress? [Guide with Steps]

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Carpet beetles are one of the most irritating insects that can ruin your complete comfort in your own house. So how to get carpet beetles out of a mattress? You will find out about that in the below article but before that, you need to know a little about them and what they look like. These difficult little creatures are small, oval-shaped, and vary from 3 mm to 6 mm in length; their color texture varies from black to brownish-orange, and they can live in harsh temperatures.

Carpet beetles are very common and can be found anywhere in the household and on any wooden furniture. They are often called domestic pests and come in different varieties. Similar to their name, these domestic pets feed on wool, silk, fur, feathers, skins, leather and can destroy any item present in the household.

After a long day at their office or job, a person comes home and lays on their bed. Instead of feeling comfort and falling sweet asleep, that person feels itching, bites, and larva crawling around.

The most horrible part is when you come to know that there is an infestation inside your mattress, which is very hard to deal with and may be impossible to deal with by one person. If the main source of these creatures is not identified, they will keep haunting you in your nights.

Though it’s not impossible to remove them, appropriate methods and steps can effectively deal with house pests, specifically these carpet beetles.

Infestation of Carpet Beetles/Larva in bed 

An infestation of carpet beetles is difficult but not rare, but if you have that insight, there might be an infestation inside your mattress because of an increased number of these pests.

They do not mainly lay eggs in the carpet, but it could be a problem if those eggs turn into Larva and increase your trouble a thousand times.

how to get carpet beetles out of a mattress

A female carpet beetle finds that great spot to lay her eggs inside or anywhere near your mattress, and in no time, the eggs hatch, and larvae begin their hunt for food on the fabric around them.

After a few days, they become full-grown house beetles and will be ready to destroy your fabric, silk, or any material they find tasty.

These carpet beetles are no different from wood-boring beetle, which mainly feed on wood items such as wooden chairs, sofas, beds, cabinets, and many more. These can enter the house through open windows, doors, and exhaust gaps, mainly in a moist climate.

People also get confused and fail to distinguish between a bug and a carpet beetle, and this little mistake can be severe in some rare cases. Carpet beetles do not harm humans majorly or internally but can contaminate open food with their excretions and saliva.

However, a common bug has an odd smell and, if chewed or crushed inside of the mouth, which is common, can cause vomiting, diarrhea, eye burn, and stomach ache.

type of carpet beetles

How to identify a carpet beetle infestation in a house?

Carpet beetles are very small and barely visible to the naked eye, but their presence is always crystal clear. Do carpet beetles bite? Yes, they do bite.

The harsh biting on the whole body is one sound evidence of them, and second, the destruction of linen, clothes, blankets, carpets, bedsheets, and mattresses is another crime done by them.

But sometimes, these obvious signs of their presence are mistaken for something else, so there is some important sign of an infestation of carpet beetles that you must focus on.

Frequent bare patches on the blanket, linen, clothing and rugs are important signs. These bare patches are due to their excretory system: saliva, urea from urine, and excreta.

Small spiny hairs and larvae skins are scattered under the surfaces of mattresses, rugs, and carpets. Not only there, but also inside the cracks and gaps of furniture and around them as well.

The degradation of surfaces made up of fur and the baldness of this fur on pets like dogs and cats is another sign.

The most disgusting part of this treasure hunt of an infestation is the tiny brown to black droppings under the furniture and rugs.

The hygiene and health of people living in homes with these pests are compromised at a large rate and are harmful in the long run.

Removal of these creatures should be done as soon as possible because their presence attracts other pests and invites other organisms who are higher in their food chain to maintain the balance in the food chain. But we don’t want that holy balance activity in our home, do we?

These are the following steps that will assist you in removing the infestation of carpet beetles from their roots so that other attacks of these pests won’t be possible in the distant future. To apply the removal steps, we need to understand the various types of carpet beetles that intrude into our comfy beds and clothes.

carpet beetle Larva

Types of Carpet beetles

Although, they all have the same motive, that is, to feed upon the fabric present around them. The different types and categories of carpet beetles are distinguished based upon their color, pattern, size, and shape.

There are mainly four types of carpet beetles in different categories: Anthrenus, Attagenus, Dermestes, and rogoderma.


This carpet beetle is of oval shape, and its size varies around 3.5 mm. It has yellow, white, and brown colored scales and flattened hairs. Its larvae are cream-colored with small golden hairs, and their size reaches up to 4 mm.


It is of stretched oval shape, and its size varies between 2.5 mm and 5.5 mm, and its color ranges from reddish-black to reddish-brown.

The larvae of the Attagenus carpet beetle are larger than an adult. Its size is between 6 mm and 12 mm and is of the golden brown color in a stretched oval shape. A special feature of this beetle is its antennas.


Dermestes is the largest carpet beetle in a stretched oval shape, and it ranges in size from 7 to 10 mm. These are easy to identify because of their large size and yellow and tan bands across the middle section of their bodies. Its larvae are dark brown of 11 to 13 mm and have big hairs.


The size of this carpet beetle is between 2 and 5 mm, which is comparably smaller than other beetles. It has dark multicolored hair with a stretched oval shape. Its larvae reach up to 6 mm and have hairs around their bodies.

How to Get Carpet beetles Out of A mattresses

Eradication of these cold-blooded Carpet beetles is normal as killing any other pests. The only thing that should be kept in mind is the application of any of the methods should be on point and at the source of the Infestation. Do not panic and buckle up your shoes to face these unbearable pests.


The most common and effective method to eradicate them is to spread insecticide over the infested area in the house.

Insecticides contain chemicals such as deltamethrin, bifenthrin, or cyfluthrin, which are harsh and highly effective for domestic pests. Here is one precautionary measure, cover your face while using insecticides.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a substance in powder form that occurs naturally. It is very harsh in nature and contains tiny particles of silica. If little of this is sprinkled on a carpet beetle, it will die in an instance.


As we already know, Bleach that we casually use in our daily core contains sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride (salt) and, if used correctly, will do wonders. Precautionary measures should be taken because if we deal with pests mainly found near clothing and fabrics, then using bleach will not be a good idea.

Vacuum Cleaner

Well, if you don’t want your hands to get dirty but are ready to take revenge for what they did to your belongings, then using a vacuum cleaner is best. The easy way is just to suck in all carpet beetles, eggs, and larvae from the affected area, and you are all set to rest.


This method is trusted by most elders and is known as an effective primitive method. What you have to do is pick up all the things that you might think that there could be an infestation and put them under the bright and hot sun.

carpet beetle

All the carpet beetles will leave themselves to find shade. The only drawback of this method is that it does not work in the winter and rainy seasons.

Eradication of carpet beetles is not difficult, but if a pest removal service is available to you, then I would suggest going for that itself.

The key to keeping your home pest-resistant is constant cleaning of the house and checking your pets’ health and fur because pests like carpet beetles can travel inside your house and beds. The window and door should be checked regularly in case there is a gap for Larvae to live.

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