How to Kill Bed Bug Eggs on Box Spring: A Step-by-Step Guide

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If you notice that your box spring is infested with bed bugs, it’s important to kill the eggs first. How to kill bed bug eggs on box spring? You can kill the bedbugs’ eggs by several methods listed in this article. I have used these methods to get rid of bed bug eggs at my home.

Bed bugs are a major issue that is faced by most of us. They are the most notorious parasites that are lodged in the beds.

how to kill bed bug eggs on box spring

How to kill Bed Bug eggs on box spring?

The best way to kill bed bugs on your box spring is with a 3-pronged approach that I use.

  • First, ensure that the bed is not infested with eggs by inspecting all crevices and cracks in furniture for signs of egg clusters or fecal matter.
  • We can use an insecticide spray to cover all surfaces where they might hide out while also ensuring that you properly seal off areas such as the bed frame or mattress for safekeeping.
  • Next, locate and kill any eggs present on the floor by applying a pesticide to the baseboards and walls of my room.
  • Finally, I will vacuum up all remaining traces of eggs on the furniture and carpet to keep them from returning.

What are the habits of a bed bug?

Bed bugs hide in many places, especially on mattresses. To kill the eggs on the box spring, use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and suck up all the bed bug eggs from your mattress.

Bed bugs are small insects that generally feed on the blood of warm-blooded animals. They can live in tight spaces, such as mattresses and box springs, so it is important to know how to kill bed bug eggs on a box spring.

Bed Bug eggs Identification

Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed on human blood and typically do not fly. They have a flat body, long legs, and oval-shaped heads.

Box-spring Bed

Brown to reddish-brown eggs can be found at the lowest point of beds or bed frames because it is the place where they lay their eggs. The eggs are about the size of a grain of rice, but unlike most pests, bed bugs will not hatch until they reach maturity.

Steps to kill bed bugs eggs

There are many ways to kill eggs on a box spring. These are some of the methods that I use to kill them.

Steam your mattress

I usually steam the mattress to get rid of bed bugs’ eggs effectively; it needs to reach a temperature of 110 degrees or higher. Steam your mattress for a couple of hours to kill bed bugs eggs found on the surface. Steam kills them and drives out any nymphs or adults hiding in crevices. It can be an effective method if you have time and patience.

Aerosol Insecticide

A non-toxic, aerosol insecticide that kills eggs and larvae of pest insects, including bed bugs.

The first step is to spray a small amount of insecticide onto any cracks or crevices where they are hiding, and avoid direct contact with your skin while doing so.

The next step is using gloves and wiping down surfaces thoroughly until all areas have been covered. The final step is to leave the house for at least 24 hours.

Take apart your bed frame

Bed bugs hide in the smallest of spaces, so it’s worth your effort to get rid of them. It is essential to clean every inch of your bed frame.

To kill the eggs, I recommend taking apart your bed frame and spraying them with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, let the aerosol dry for a day before assembling it again.


Laundry is the easiest way to remove bed bug eggs from the furniture. It’s best to remove all covers and wash them on high heat. I spin and dry the sheets until they are crisp and clean, then use them on my box spring.

Encase your mattress and box spring

A highly specialized cover is used to kill bed bugs inside the mattress. The one I use has thick covers, making it impossible for the bed bugs to escape. This is the best method if only the bed bug infestation is in a single location, such as on one side of the mattress.

Dismantle the bed frame

Bed bugs hide in the smallest places, and it is necessary to dismantle a bed frame to search for them. I would first use a magnifying glass and flashlight to search every inch of each piece until I found any eggs or signs that they may have been there.

Launder infested garments and linens.

Laundering infested garments and linens can kill the eggs of bed bugs. The first step is to wash the items on the highest heat they can handle, using rubber gloves in a separate laundry basket and not using your usual laundry basket.

Vacuum and repeat

I would vacuum the bedroom very often to keep it tidy. Avoid the brush attachment because bugs can hide in bristles; instead, use a hose. Make sure to vacuum small crevices and bedding, dump contents outside of garbage, and clean the container so the bugs don’t have a free ride back inside.

Bed Bugs on wood

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Clothes and Bedding?

It is important that clothes, towels, and bedding are bagged carefully so no bugs or eggs can escape. If a heat treatment is not possible, wash the clothes with hot water and dry thoroughly after the wash. 

Non-chemical and chemical treatments

Insecticides are used to kill bedbugs. The chemicals I use to kill the bed bug eggs are listed below.

  • Pyrethroids and Pyrethrins: These are used to kill bedbugs. These are strong chemicals that can prevent bed bugs.
  • Pyrroles like chlorfenapyr: Kill by disrupting cells.
  • Neonicotinoids: Work on pesticides that have become resistant to other types of chemicals.
  • Desiccants: Destroy the protective outer coating of the eggs.
  • Bug bombs are chemical insecticides that are less toxic. They can’t get into crevices as bedbugs do.
  • Plant oil-based products work well against bedbugs. They are a form of non-chemical treatment.

Bed Bugs eggs Inspection

Bed bugs eggs are not easy to find, but they’re easy to kill. Bed bug activity is found by looking for fecal material spots that they leave. I use a flashlight and look at the box spring to see the pattern of fecal spots to know what kind of bed bugs are present.

If you find them, it’s recommended that you spray an insecticide or aerosol to flush them out and kill the eggs on the surface of your mattress. So be thorough with your inspection and treatment.

Monitoring and Trapping Bed Bug Infestations

Cimex Lecturalius

There are many ways to monitor and trap bed bugs. I have listed the ways that I use to monitor them.

  • Bed bug monitors: recreate the bed bug environment they usually consider, like dark, tight tunneling areas and rough woodsy material around the bed.
  • Bed bug detectors: You can use these traps with lures to capture bed bugs. I generally use a monitor so that I monitor their presence.
  • Bed bug adhesive traps: You can also use these traps around bed legs to trap any bed bugs that might be hiding on your furniture.

Bed Bug Diet

Beg bugs are parasites that prefer human beings as their hosts. They also feed on animals like rats, mice, dogs, cats, and poultry. They are nocturnal parasites that feed at night.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

The bed bug life cycle includes egg, nymph, and adult stages. Eggs are laid along the edge or around mattresses. Nymphs hatch in one or two weeks and begin feeding immediately (14-30 days).

These parasites have a life span of six to twelve months. They are active at night and feed every ten days. The average lifespan for bedbugs is about six to twelve months.

Do bed bugs carry disease?

Bed bugs are not disease carriers. Although the bite is harmless, they use piercing mouthparts to suck blood from their hosts. The carbon dioxide released at night attracts them due to the salivary fluid secreted by bed bugs. Their bites appear to be discrete and dispersed across the skin.

Tools necessary to kill bed bugs by hand

Tools that I use to kill the bed bugs by hand are listed below

A flashlight: A flashlight will cause eggs and small bed bugs to cast shadows, making them easier to find.

A playing card or old credit card: You can force bed bugs out by the cards. They can be collected or destroyed by moving the card’s edge along cracks and fissures.

A roll of tape: A great option is to use wide, clear plastic shipping tape to collect bed bugs and get a closer look at them to ensure that they are bed bugs.

real bed bug on wool knitwear, good details on enlarge view

A cloth and hot soapy water: A cloth soaked in hot water can be used to catch bed bugs. The cloth is most effective when detecting a cluster or group of bed bugs.

Plastic bags: Garbage bags help to store potentially contaminated goods such as clothing and bedding.

Mattress Encasements: These are big fabric sacks into which you put your mattress. Any surviving bed bugs will starve once the zipper is closed and eventually die.

How to prevent bed bug egg infestations?

Bed bug eggs are found on mattresses, bed frames, and clothing. The easiest way is to prevent an infestation is to inspect your luggage and unpack it in the room so that you can check for bed bugs before leaving.

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