How To Protect Purses From Bed Bugs?

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The hitchhiking abilities of bed bugs are unrivaled; they even hide in purses. But, how to protect purses from bed bugs? They can travel on furniture, bedding, luggage, cartons, and clothes from an infected place to a new house. Even though they feed on blood every 5 to 10 days, bed bugs can stay for months or even years without eating.

Blood is what bed bugs eat. They don’t transfer illness, but they may be a pain to deal with, and their bites can be uncomfortable and annoying. Bed bugs move by crawling around your home through bags, purses, belongings, suitcases, furniture, vacuum storage bags, clothing, paper bags, luggage, garbage bags, plastic bags, and other relevant items since they lack wings.

On the other hand, people frequently transport bed bugs from one location to another, often without recognizing them. This post will guide you to five easy and DIY ways to protect purses from bed bugs. 

How to Know If Your Purses Have Bed Bugs ?

If you’ve experienced any bites that seem like bed bugs or flea bites while on vacation, it’s advisable to examine your luggage and purses thoroughly before returning home.

how to protect purses from bed bugs

Examine all the small cracks in your purse (especially around the zippers) and your clothes, particularly the soiled ones, as bedbugs in clothing are drawn to unclean laundry. Bed bugs in clothes are another nightmare.

If you detect their droppings, eggs, or bed bugs themselves, you should treat all of your clothing and purses for bed bugs. Even if you can’t discover any, it doesn’t mean you’re clear of bed bugs.

If you have any bites that mimic bed bug bites, it’s advisable to get a full treatment regardless because dealing with a bed bug infestation in your home is a hundred times worse than getting a full treatment on your clothes and baggage.

Can bed bugs travel through purses?

As bed bugs lack wings, they must rely on crawling to get around. In other circumstances, this implies that infections will spread slowly. Bed bugs can hide on or in your items, such as clothing, handbags, backpacks, and luggage. That is their principal mode of transportation.

It’s also not uncommon for them to hitch rides on furniture. People will then transport the bed bugs from one location to another far more quickly than they could infest new regions on their own.

How To Protect Purses From Bed Bugs?

You likely overlooked one or two-bed bugs in your travel purse or clothing because no one is flawless. Follow the methods mentioned below to protect your purses from bed bugs. 


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Vacuum or brush the purse thoroughly, and dry it on the hottest setting for 30 minutes. Place your purses somewhere where bed bugs are unlikely to be. Your purses should not come into contact with anything that might harbor a bed bug or allow it to enter it.

Bedbug quarantine

Put your other stuff in a sealed plastic tub when you go home. The bed bugs won’t starve to death inside. They can’t develop an infestation, though, since they can’t get out. Launder your purses as soon as you arrive home.

Throw the soiled bed bug plastic bag away after emptying it into the washing machine. Bed bugs and their eggs are destroyed when they are washed. It is true for both dirty and clean clothing.

Heat Treatment

If your purses are near the bed, bed bugs might have climbed into them. Keeping them in bags can prevent bed bugs from falling out where you don’t want them. If possible, dry items that can be washed in a dryer for at least 30 minutes for heat treatment.

Bed Bug Killer Spray

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Consider spraying anything that you can’t keep sealed. Tea tree oil, lavender, and peppermint are examples of DIY sprays that kill on contact.

Pesticide sprays are more successful since they kill more bed bugs in less time. They also live for weeks and kill. Give your entire purses a once-over with whichever spray you want. It should eliminate any remaining bed bugs.

The problem with any treatment is that bed bugs are intelligent. They’ll want to find a safe and secure place when you bring them home. It entails scouring the area for adjacent furniture or bedding.

It’s considerably preferable to avoid bringing bed bugs home in the first place. If you follow the tips above, there’s a slim chance you’ll carry bed bugs home in your purse.

Dry Ice

the solid form of carbon dioxide

If you see that bed bugs are present in your purses, place them in large, durable plastic bags with 1 to 3 lbs. of dry ice.

Use one pound in small bags for goods like a framed painting or a pocketbook, two pounds in medium bags for items like purses, a piece of luggage, or smaller appliances, and three pounds in big bags for items like modest furniture and larger entertainment systems. The dry ice’s carbon dioxide (CO2) will replace the air in the bags.

Local vendors of compressed CO2 cylinders and certain ice cream parlors and grocery stores sell dry ice. Make sure it’s still for sale by calling beforehand.

To ensure safe handling, place the required amount of dry ice in an old pillowcase or a paper bag while wearing work gloves. Don’t touch dry ice with your bare hand. It can cause painful freeze burns.

Bed bugs in plastic bags (Rubber seal plastic bags)

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If you find yourself in a bed bug infestation, keep your purse or backpack in a sealed plastic bag. Bring a stool with you to sit on. Sitting on upholstered furniture or mattresses is not a good idea. Use bags that can be firmly sealed to store your worn garments, so bed bugs don’t have a chance to get into them.

Consider putting it in a luggage bag to keep bed bugs from seams and hidden cracks. Many firms have created bags specifically for this purpose which you may purchase. To eradicate hitchhiking bed bugs, throw your dry clothing in the laundry for 30 minutes on high when you arrive home.

How do bed bugs in bags spread?

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When you travel, it’s common to bring bed bugs home with you or take them with you to other places. Travelers may dramatically lower the danger of bed bug infestations in their homes by following this recommendation.

Due to the frequent availability of new hosts, maintaining bed bug control in such situations poses a real difficulty.

These insects are superb hitchhikers, and they may quickly crawl onto a purse left on the bed or travel throughout a whole room in a single night. Bed bugs flourish in dark, chilly environments where people are present for extended periods.

So a hotel room isn’t the only potentially dangerous location. You may find them on planes, trains, busses, and rental automobiles, among other places.

What smell keeps bedbugs from entering bug bags and Purses?

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In regions where bed bugs hide, sprinkling lavender oil or spraying lavender is effective but not overpowering. If the aroma doesn’t kill the bugs completely, it will cause them to depart their nest, exposing them to any bed bug traps or pesticides you’ve used.


Infestations of bed bugs can be quite aggravating. Even though they do not transfer illness, they can cover you with itching red bites.

However, you can prevent bed bug spread by regularly searching your room for signs of bed bugs, checking your luggage and clothing while traveling, and keeping your room clear of mounds of items where they can hide. I hope this article helped you to protect your purses from bed bugs

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