How to treat new home for ants?

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So, you have got your dream home and there is an uninvited guest-ant colony. And now you wonder how to treat new home for ants. It looks like you have someone at home: carpenter ants as neighbors to your new home, and you are not very happy with them. So right away, you ask Google: How to treat new home for ants? And there you are at the right place. 

Why Does your new home Have a problem with ant colonies?

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Ants mostly do their jobs for survival, i.e., to have something to eat. There must be something that attracts the ants toward your house. They’ll only come to a specific place when they smell food that the ant species loves. The most common feedings include remains of other animals, bugs, and insects

Once the regular house ants start trusting your house and know that the area is safe from predators, they’ll waste no time building their nests. Your new home also becomes the new home for ants from the nearby areas. But oops! they are not a good company. 

detail of fir wood damaged by fungus and insects, wood boring beetle

Firstly, their colony straight away reaches your kitchen to find food; secondly, it’s very unhygienic, and thirdly, damage done is not negligible. These three reasons are more than enough reasons why you should know how to get rid of ants in house

Like termites, which are known to cause damage, most ants do the same. Almost 12,000 different types of ants are known. Carpenter ant nests are known to cause little harm to none. Other species, such as the Harvester ants, can bite human skin. Also, they carry tons of bacteria with them.

Carpenter ant creatures build their homes by creating nests anywhere they find a hollow space. Due to the nests being created, wooden areas become moist, leading to their decay. A small colonycan destroy window and door frames, porches, walls, and decks. 

If you find any such ant infestation, it’s recommended that you schedule a date with the ant control agents to avoid the maximum damage. 

They move to different spots in the house, including the bathroom. Other than that, ant bites can irritate. Even if the ant species are not imposing a bigger issue on damaging the house, they are causing dirt and infusing extra bacteria from the bathroom and elsewhere. 

Ant infestation to look for 

Most of the time, the colonies of carpenter ants are not seen. And if there’s no problem you see, you cannot provide a solution for that, making detection important. 

Wood shavings underneath a wooden object can be the first sign of a house ants infestation. Light rustling on wooden frames or walls is the second sign to check. If found, spray anti-ant chemicals on them then and there. 

Ant infestations

A pretty huge group of ant baits means a problem. They’ll reach a nearby surface where food has been prepared, mostly in kitchens. It’s only a red alert, and if treated, you’ll be able to get rid of them. 

The pathways millions of worker ants form and follow are also red alerts. This technique helps ants know where their food is coming from and is known as the “ant trail.” Ant baits are also good for creating their nests, which use soil to provide the shape.  

How to get rid of ants: Is it easy?  

One way to make kitchen areas free of termites, insects, and any colony of ants is to use disinfectant to clean countertops, keeping walls greasy-free and gas stoves neat. Doing so makes sure no food smell remains to attract ants. 

Getting rid of an ant colony requires loads of patience. Your property may be free of dust and dirt, yet ants will still come. The cleanliness of an area has nothing to do with it. 

How to treat new home for ants: natural home remedies 

Prevention has always been better than solving a problem. Implement the same rule while keeping ants away from your house. What most people do as prevention is regular execution of pest control. 

Pest control knows the best how to treat new home for ants

Indeed, professional help does well. But have you ever thought that a simple home ingredient could work fine? 

Today is when you learn how to get rid of ants in the house. Check out the following natural home remedies: 


One of the most effective repellents for insects, peppermint, is also helpful in repelling ants. The strong fragrance is what disturbs the ant species

Take water, about a cup, and mix liquid peppermint. You may also include a few drops of essential oils. 


Food sources don’t kill ants, but only make sure they go far away, do not build their homes, and return. Another very common kitchen ingredient to repel worker ants is pepper. Specifically, sprinkle them at entry points with cayenne and black pepper. 


Grab a lemon from your kitchen.Squeeze its juice at the entry points of ants.. Lemons contain a repelling smell that’s quite unfavorable to the ant colony.


The main property of chalk, namely calcium carbonate, keeps ant colonies away. Figure out where the ants enter and draw a line using chalk. 


Prepare a paste with orange peel as its main ingredient. Add the peel to one cup of hot water. You can use the paste again at entry points, kitchen slabs, and around the house yard

Look for more sour and bitter food sources. They are what ant colonies hate the most. As with lemons, the orange smell will help get rid of them. 


Table salt is another effective ant control technique. In boiled water, add ordinary salt and let it dissolve in the water. Keep the prepared solution in a spray bottle. Spray it where you see ants entering. Use it in most places, such as the house yard and walls, if there’s a contamination probability. 

White Vinegar 

White vinegar has a specific smell that all species, including commonly found fire ants and carpenter ants, cannot bear

Take a spray bottle. Pour some water and white vinegar into it. Keep the quantity equal. Then add 2-4 drops of essential oils. 

Use it at least once on any favorite surface for ants. 

Cinnamon and cloves 

Put them both at your entrance to repel house ants. You can also use cinnamon powder that has been mixed with essential oils for better results. 

How to get rid of ants in a house by starving them out?

The best way to avoid ant baits is by starving them out. Avoid keeping any eatables open for them to feed on. Nature has created ants as good climbers. So any open, yummy food in a container is easily reachable by ants. 

ants are quick to form granular colonies

Therefore, get yourself some containers with working lids. Make sure it works well and that no ant colonies can pass through it. Also, regularly wipe down the tables, and kitchen slabs as ants can still feed off sweet residues that humans don’t see. 

Are over-the-counter sprays the best way to get rid of ants?

The most common way of ensuring a property is termite-free is by using over-the-counter termite spray. Similar kinds of products are available for ants. 

Homemade ant repellent spray mixture in bottle. Person hand spraying insect repellent on home terrace wood boards.

Sprays are produced using certain chemical pesticides. These can be quite harmful to the user, so read the directions first. 

Over-the-counter sprays are not repellents. They instantly kill the ants that you spray. Also, they do not stop another colony from coming in. Their effects last only a while. So, they might effectively destroy ant nests, but it won’t work after a few times. 

There are many other downsides to over-the-counter ant sprays. Ants are also one of the smartest species and, sooner or later, find a way to avoid the spray tracks. Even if the colonies stay as they are, they will produce more upcoming generations. 

The start of ant colonies begins with the formation of a nest. Also, sometimes the remedies are seen as not working. The reason is simple: the queen bee. She must be somewhere in the colony while you are destroying worker ants using over-the-counter ant sprays

Important factors to know 

  •  Each type of ant causes different complications. For example, fire ants carry more venom than others; black ants stay outside their colony. 
  • Fire ants also inject their venom through the skin surface, leading to serious complications if not taken care of soon. 
  • Ants will also attract insects, such as spiders and bats, that prey on ant colonies. So try your best to keep ants away if you wish not to bring other pests with them. 
  • Carpenter ants are the hardest to get rid of and control. They like building ant infestations and nests in moist wood. Any moist wood in your yard may attract the species
  • In any area, ants occupy themselves by hustling for food. The more you complicate it for the ants to reach, the less interested they will be in surrounding your house. 


Building a house is not a mere thing. Your new home is all yours, and no ant colony should be able to spoil what you built. True, ants create problems, but prevention is the only way out. Why? Because regardless of how much you prevent sugar ants, They’re never going away, no matter what you do. It’s part of nature. 

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