5 Ways To Get Rid Of Mice In Attic

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Mice create a massive amount of nuisance once they enter your house, which is why it is necessary to know how to get rid of mice in attic. We will be discussing the various steps that one can undertake to get rid of these annoying pests. Take a look.

How to know if you have a mice issue?

Mice can be a real nuisance, and if you think you may have an issue with them, there are some evident signs to look out for. One of the most obvious is if you hear noises coming from your attic. This could be scurrying, scratching, squeaking, or chirping.

Close up shot of mouse peeking out of the dusty hole behind white furniture and under copper pipe.  One paw is raised up like he is greeting.

You will likely spot evidence of their presence, such as excrement or spots of urine on the floor as well as feces on top of the insulation and, in some cases, under the insulation.

Another indication of a mice problem is noticeable bite marks on your electrical wires and pipes, tears in the insulation material, or even missing shingles in your roof from these pests breaking into your attic.

If you spot any of these signs, it is best to call in a professional exterminator to help get rid of the mice for good.

Why do Mice Love Attics?

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Mice are fond of attics for various reasons.

It is nice & warm.

Attics are warm, especially in the winter, since the heat from our dwellings rises to the roof.

It is almost always quiet.

While mice will visit our kitchens and garages searching for food, they want to build their nests in a quiet, undisturbed location.

There are plenty of nesting materials available.

Mice build their nests from insulation, old boxes, and newspapers. These objects can be found in abundance in attics.

Mice reproduce quickly, particularly in the warmth of the attic, where they feel protected. A mouse will have hundreds of hiding spots in a messy attic.

They will also have easy access to food because the kitchen is located below. They’ll come down through your walls, grab a snack, and then return upstairs to eat dinner with the family.

How to get rid of mice in attic?

There are certain definite steps that can help you eliminate mice from your attic. These are –

Identify Mice and the Entry Points

The first and foremost step in getting rid of mice is identifying them. This means looking for droppings and urine, which are the most common ways to identify a mouse infestation.

Once you are sure that you have mice, you can start taking steps to get rid of them.

Mice can enter your house in a variety of ways: through an opening, small holes, cracks, or even openings as tiny as a dime. In order to get rid of mice, you will need to identify their entry points.

Check around your home for any connections to the outside world, such as air-conditioner vents, water pipes, and doors and windows. If you find any holes or cracks, seal them up with caulk or other appropriate materials.

Look for mouse nests, tunnels, or chewed items to confirm their presence. Once you have confirmed that there are mice in your attic, you can start taking steps to get rid of them.

Seal the Entry Points To Eliminate Mice

Mice can be a real nuisance, and they can also be dangerous if they get into your food. In order to eliminate them for good, you need to seal the entry points so they can’t come back in.

There are various methods to undertake this, depending on your home’s setup. You can use traps, poison, or exclusion techniques to keep the mice out for good.

The best method to eliminate mice in your attic is to seal up all the entry points. This means closing up any gaps between doors and windows, as well as checking for other holes or openings where rodents could enter.

You can use various materials to close up the openings, such as caulk, steel wool, or wire mesh.

Trim Trees and Bushes Near Your House to Keep Mice Out of Attic

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Mice are very adaptable creatures and can live in a variety of different environments. One way to keep them out of your attic is to trim trees and bushes around your property, so they have fewer places to hide.

They are excellent climbers and can easily climb the limbs of trees and bushes that come close to your house. This is why it is important to trim back any overhanging branches and keep the area around your house clean.

This will cut off their access to your roof, making it more difficult for them to get into your home.

In addition, taking precautions to prevent bugs from crawling into your home helps prevent mice as well.

This is inclusive of sealing up any cracks or holes in your exterior walls, checking for leaks around doors and windows, and keeping food storage areas clean and organized.

Install Mice Traps in the Attic and the House Interior

Mice traps are one of the most popular ways to get rid of mice. There are a variety of different types of mouse traps, but the most common are snap traps and glue boards.

Glue boards can be harmful if used incorrectly, so it is important to read the instructions carefully.

Another prominently used type of mouse trap type is the electric trap. These traps use electricity to kill the mouse, and they are relatively easy to set up and use.

Alternatively, you can also find more humane traps to get rid of the mice in your attic. These traps are easily available and can be very effective.

Mousetraps are easy to buy and easy to use, but they have a few disadvantages. For example, you may have to bait them with food, which can attract other pests. And if you have pets or small children, you’ll need to be careful not to accidentally trap them in the traps.

Check the Traps Daily for Removing Mice from Attic

mice in attic

These traps should be placed in areas where there are signs of mice. This includes droppings, nests, or chewed materials. Checking the traps daily can help to ensure that the mice are removed from the attic quickly and efficiently.

Make sure to take note of where you put the traps, as you will want to continue using the same spots for future reference.

How to Prevent Mice From Entering Your Attic?

The essential thing you can do to help keep mice from entering your home is to clean up droppings and hair around the exterior. This will remove their scent and make it more difficult for them to find a way in.

Additionally, you can take measures to block off potential entry points, such as installing door sweeps or sealing any cracks or openings in your foundation or walls.

Remove any nesting materials like excess insulation, dry wood, cardboard boxes, and other items they might use for bedding.

Ensure all your food is properly stored and sealed, and seal up any cracks or holes in your home’s exterior that might provide entry points. Also, store your pet food in the right manner.

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House mice can enter your home through very small openings, so it is important to seal any gaps or holes around pipes, vents, and other entry points. You can use wire mesh or metal flashing to close off these openings.

Furthermore, the main attraction for mice is food, so it is important to clean up any food crumbs on the floor.

You can also use airtight containers for storing cereals, crackers, cookies, and other food items if possible. This will help to prevent mice from entering your home.

Make sure all garbage is stored in airtight containers or inside a trash can with a lid that mice cannot enter.

Cover any exposed food sources like cereal, rice, or grains by placing them in an airtight container or zip lock bag; store them in a place where mice cannot get to them (like under the sink).

Seal up any holes they could use to enter. You can do this with steel wool, caulk, or tar paper. Another way to keep them out is by installing wire mesh or metal flashing over any holes that are far too small for them to chew through.

Purchase electronic mouse repellents that emit high-frequency sound waves that repel rodents from sensitive areas such as residences or industrial buildings.

Also, remove any rotting vegetation or other compost from your yard to deter mice when they’re looking for an easy source of food.

House mouse are primarily attracted by readily available sources of water, such as moisture in crawl spaces beneath homes with leaking pipes or where homeowners use humidifiers during cold weather months. Water sources like these should be eliminated if possible.


These creatures can be a nuisance and a health hazard. They can also damage property. If you have mice in your attic, there are a number of ways to get rid of them using DIY methods.

If there is an infestation of mice in your attic, it is best to call in a professional pest control team to sort out your pest problem for you.

They will have the tools and knowledge necessary to get rid of the mice quickly and effectively. However, if you only have a few mice, there are some things you can do to get rid of them yourself.

Although there are various ways to try to get rid of mice on your own, it can be difficult to completely eradicate them. That’s where mouse control services come in. They can help identify the source of the mice and put into place a plan to get rid of them for good.

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