What Are These Red Concrete bugs? (Tiny Red Mites)

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Red concrete bugs are invading many homes in the United States. What are these red concrete bugs? Clover mites are tiny red bugs that are found on concrete surfaces. They get their name from the clover plant, one of their favorite habitats. Clover mites can be a nuisance because they often appear in large numbers and stain surfaces with droppings.

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What are these red concrete bugs?

Red Clover Mite crawling over brown foilage

The small red bugs on concrete are called clover mites. The scientific name is Bryobia praetiosa Koch. They’re arachnids, not insects. They get their name because they are often found on concrete. But they can also be found on other surfaces, such as grass and plants.

These bugs move quickly and hang out in the vegetation until it’s time to move again. Clover mites are more reddish-brown than concrete mites.

So if you’re not sure or able to recognize which type of red bug you’re seeing, look for the clover-shaped markings on the back of the clover mites.

Where Do Clover Mites Come From?

Clover mites prefer cooler weather between 50°F temperature and 75°F temperature (10°C and 23.89°C temperature). While they don’t typically cause any harm to humans or animals, they can be a nuisance because they often congregate in large numbers.

In the fall season, with low temperatures, more groups of clover mites infest your home in different warm sites. 

Clover mites are most commonly found in early spring, crawling around on sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Although they don’t bite or sting, they can be a nuisance because of their sheer numbers.

Information on the characteristics of red clover mites

Information on the characteristics of red clover mites

Clover mites are a type of tiny spider-like creature that is usually red. They have eight legs, and their front two legs are noticeably longer than the other six.

Not all clover mites are red. Some might be brown or green. Clover mites feed on the sap from plants, often found near flowering plants like clover or roses.

Interestingly, red clover mites get their characteristic red color from the pigments in their body fluids. So, when you see a red stain on a wall or your finger, that’s from the mites’ natural pigments. It’s not the tick’s or larvae’s blood.

Signs of clover mite infestation

Clover mites are tiny red bugs that can be seen crawling on the sunny sides of homes. They often invade in large numbers, and their presence is often one of the first signs of an infestation.

Clover mites can be found in walls, ceilings, or other surfaces that can access direct sunlight. If you notice clover mite infestation, it is likely that the problem has been going on for some time and may be getting worse.

How to get rid of concrete or clover mites?

Little furry clover mite

Hair Spray

Various insects are found crawling on or around concrete. While most are harmless, they can be unsightly and cause damage if left unchecked. One way to discourage these bugs from inhabiting your concrete is using hairspray.

The sticky texture of the hairspray will trap the bugs and prevent them from crawling through small cracks. If you find an insect on your concrete, it is best to try and squish it before it becomes mobile again.


Vacuum cleaners are an excellent tool for removing spider mites from an area. Be sure to seal the vacuum bag and dispose of it in a garbage can that is not near your home. Do not sweep the clover mites into another part of your home. As they will likely survive and re-infest the area.

The spider mite or clove mite’s body fluids can permanently stain some surfaces. You can use a robot vacuum cleaner to prevent insects from entering your home. The robot moving continuously on the floor will disturb and eventually demotivate the insects from entering your house.

Peppermint Oil

The use of peppermint essential oil is an excellent preventive measure against these tiny red bugs. They trick the bugs away because of the unpleasant smell.

Insect Sweep Net

Clover mites are a common pest that causes damage to plants. If you have an infestation of clover mites, you can use an insecticide to get rid of them. 

To prevent clover mites, homeowners should spray their yards around the foundation and windows with a pesticide at least twice a year. Spray the pesticide until it runs off the surfaces. In addition, the grass should be kept at 3-4 inches and not be taller than 4 inches.

Use natural products on the wall.

Use several natural powders to deter or kill small red bugs. These powders work by either suffocating the bugs or dehydrating them. Common powders include baby powder, baking soda, diatomaceous earth, corn starch, and boric acid.

Use double-sided sticky tape or traps.

You can use double-sided sticky tape or traps on window sills and areas where they congregate. When peeling off the sticky, throw it away in a garbage can outside the home.

Wipe Them With A Soapy Sponge

Spider mites are a common pest treated with a wet rag and soap. Do not crush the mites as they stick to the wet rag. Further, rinse down the sink or into a soapy bucket of water. Use another treatment to prevent eggs from hatching at home.

Although this may work for immature mites, it does not work in the adult stage. You must use an insecticide to eliminate these red concrete bugs and kill their eggs. It is the most natural way to handle the situation and prevent them from coming back.


Red concrete bugs can infest your home, and treating the area with an insecticide is important. It would help if you sprayed an insecticide on the insects and their eggs. Also, spray a two-foot-high barrier on the outside of your walls.

In addition, you should spray in areas where you know the mites are living. Finally, make sure to spray the insecticide to kill the mites.

You can kill mites if you deprive them of food or water. If you see red concrete bugs inside your home, use an over-the-counter spray and directly spray the mites. Make sure to spray pesticides on food or dishes before storing them in cabinets. 

Clover mite pest control

There are several ways to control clover mites: 

  • Spray insecticide on doors and windows, spray on the boundaries of your yard, and regularly mow meadows.
  • You can have your lawn mowed by professionals who will give you the right advice on how to adjust the height of the grass. 
  • Additionally, you can put down a layer of pea gravel around the foundation of your house and plants
  • Regularly inspect the walls and crevices for any sign of these bugs. 
  • Check for growing molds or mildew inside your home. 
  • Lastly, you can install weather shedding around your windows and doors to keep the bugs out.

Are clover mites dangerous?

Clover mites are a type of tiny spider that is often mistaken for a red bug. They are harmless to humans and pets. Their main purpose is to feed on plant leaves.

Clover mites leave behind a red pigment stain wherever they go, but this does not cause any structural damage. Additionally, clover mites do not threaten human or pet food.

Do clover mites bite humans?

Do clover mites bite humans?

Clover mites are tiny red bugs found in large numbers around the springtime. They are harmless and eventually die off, but their bites can be quite itchy to the skin. Apply cold compress or calamine lotion to the affected area to soothe the itch.

How to get rid of clover mites on concrete?

Clover mites are tiny red bugs that can infest your home and yard. If you see an influx of clover mites, you can do a few things to eliminate them.

You can apply an outdoor insecticide to your yard to prevent more from entering your home, but this will not eliminate any already present. Call a professional exterminator if the infestation is heavy or if you also have clover mites in your yard.

How to kill the red bugs mites?

To kill red bugs mite, use these solutions: 

  • You can hose them down with speed water and show them off. 
  • Another way is to wipe them off with a soft cloth on the leaves.


Clover mites are tiny red insects that look like spiders. They often invade homes in the springtime and can leave behind stains on walls, clothes, and furniture. While they don’t typically cause harm, they can be a nuisance.

If you accidentally smash them, they can release an unpleasant odor. In conclusion, these bugs are small insects eliminated with insecticides or natural methods. If all else fails, an exterminator can be called in to take care of the problem.


What is the difference between clover mites vs. chiggers?

Clover mites are a common red bug often seen around homes in the springtime. They are less than half the size of chiggers and are about 1mm in size. Clover mites are visible to the human eye, while chiggers are not without magnification.

How to get rid of clover mites on window sills?

To get rid of clover mites from your window sills, you can spray them with insecticide. 

What are these little tiny red bugs on concrete?

The tiny red bugs on concrete are called clover mites or spider mites. 

Are clover mites harmful?

Clover mites are tiny red bugs that feed on grasses, plants, flowers, and vegetables. They are not harmful to cats and dogs. Clover mites live on plants and concentrate on reproducing.

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