8 Types Of Roaches With Pictures

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If you have a cockroach infestation, but you do not know which type it is, then this article, 8 Types of Roaches with Pictures: A Pest Identification Guide, will be like a knight in shining armor for you. After reading this article and seeing the cockroach pictures, you will be able not just to identify cockroaches but also use the proper method of eradication depending on their type.

8 Types of Roaches with Pictures: A Pest Identification Guide

According to an old joke, killing a cockroach is like killing an ancient person because they have existed for several million years, far before humans.

But times have changed, and instead of being an archaic species, they are now considered the dirtiest, disease-ridden scavenger species, nesting on cupboards and storage rooms and needing to be destroyed on sight to avoid contamination.

As a result, in order to eradicate these vexing pests, it’s crucial first to understand them.

As has been previously mentioned, there are eight most common types of cockroaches. These common types of roaches are considered pest insects most of the time because of their ability to invade homes and make full-blown infestations.

American Cockroaches (Periplaneta americana)

American cockroach shot on white

This bug is also known as the palmetto bug or sewer roach. These cockroaches live outside and do not infest homes.

They move quickly, multiply quickly, and can induce asthma and spread infections quickly.

What do they look like

There are various types of roaches, but the most common ones are the American roaches. These cockroaches are typically brown or black in color and have long bodies. The two antennas can identify them on their head, thorax, and wings, which they cannot use to fly.

They have a single light yellow stripe on their abdomen. They also have six legs.

Signs of infestation

There are eight common types of cockroaches in the United States. The most well-known is the American cockroach. They can grow up to be an inch and a half long and live on sewers and other moist, dark places. They are often brought into homes through sewer systems and can be very difficult to get rid of.

There are certain signs that can indicate you have an American cockroach infestation. One of the most obvious is seeing the roaches themselves. They can be found in basements, kitchens, and even bedrooms.

Another sign is finding their droppings or egg cases. And finally, if you notice a musty or oily smell, it could be due to cockroaches hiding in your walls or appliances.

How to get rid of American Cockroaches?

Because of their hardiness and adaptability, American cockroaches can be tough to eradicate. They prefer to be outside and will only come inside if there is a consistent food source, such as rubbish or pet food.

To get rid of American cockroaches, close any cracks or openings on your home’s exterior and remove their food and water sources.

In order to bid them goodbye, it is important to identify where they are coming from and treat the entire area. A kitchen is commonplace for them to live in, so keeping it clean and free of food scraps is important.

Kitchen appliances should also be cleaned regularly, as American cockroaches like to hide in warm, dark places.

Another way to get rid of American cockroaches is to ensure that all garbage lids are tightly shut and moved in damp or moist areas. You can also use bait stations, traps, or insecticides to kill them.

German Cockroaches (Blattella germanica)

Giant cave mosaic cockroach (Archimandrita tesselata) in a terrarium

The most prevalent variety of cockroaches seen in buildings is the German cockroach. They have a light stripe on their back and are tiny and brown. They live in warm, damp conditions and can be found all around the planet.

They have a high rate of reproduction and can travel large distances. They are also the cockroach species with the highest rate of reproduction.

Cockroaches from Germany can be quite harmful. They are more likely than other varieties of roaches to contaminate food and cooking utensils, as well as shed their skin more regularly. As a result, they pose a larger threat to human health.

What do they look like?

These roaches can be identified by their physical features. The German cockroach is the smallest amongst all the roaches and has a light brown color with two dark stripes on its back. They are about 5/8 of an inch long and have wings that cover about three-quarters of their body.

Signs of infestation

German Cockroaches are small and can survive anywhere, making them very difficult to get rid of. They often come into the home through grocery bags, furniture, and boxes.

They usually hang out in bathrooms or in kitchens or where there is food or near water sources. Another sign can be their droppings, which look like small black dots. You might also find egg cases, which are brown and about the size of a grain of rice.

If you see them in your bedroom or closet, that is generally an intervention call as you have reached the infestation stage. Finally, if you smell an unpleasant odor near where the roaches are congregating, that could also be a sign of an infestation.

How to get rid of German cockroaches?

There are various ways to show the door to German cockroaches, but food-grade diatomaceous earth is the most effective. It can be applied using a dust applicator or by sprinkling it around the edges of your home.

Other popular methods include using a sugar and borax solution, soapy water, mint oil spray, catnip, and coffee grounds.

Brown-banded Cockroaches (Supella longipalpa)

They are equally common and prolific indoors as German cockroaches, but they are less common and abundant.

Brown cockroach males are jittery and readily startled (jumping instead of flying). While females have wings as well, they are only rudimentary.

What do they look like?

There are various types of roaches, and they can be found all over the world. Each type of roach has its own unique features, which can help you identify them. Brown-banded Male roaches are typically brown or black, while female roaches can be light yellow, tan, or dark brown.

Brown-banded Roaches grow more quickly in warmer climates, so if you live in a warm area, be especially vigilant about checking for signs of an infestation.

Signs of infestation

These roaches are easily identifiable by their light brown color and two distinctive bands across their wings. They are often found in areas where food or moisture is plentiful, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

They thrive in warm temperatures and can infest homes during cooler temperatures. Signs of an infestation include seeing brown-banded roaches themselves, evidence of roach droppings, and/or hearing roaches crawling.

You likely have an infestation once you have found a couple of brown-banded roaches. Brown-banded roaches are one of the most common types of cockroaches and can be difficult to get rid of.

They often hide in dark, moist areas and can travel quickly. If you see even a single brown-banded roach, it is important to take action immediately.

How to get rid of Brown-banded cockroaches?

There are various ways to bid goodbye to brown-banded cockroaches. The most important part is to remove their food and water sources. You can also use pheromone traps to identify and isolate the roaches. Additionally, you can use baits or growth regulators to kill the cockroaches.

Oriental Cockroaches (Blatta orientalis)

Types of Roaches with Pictures

They are regarded to be harmful pests in the outdoors. They reside in homes and structures with a lot of vegetation around them.

Because they eat trash, dung, and animal excrement, they are more harmful than others. They also have a strong odor and pose a greater risk of contaminating food and equipment.

What do they look like?

Oriental cockroaches have a shiny body and a reddish-brown to black color. Females have wings that have no use, and males’ wings are shorter than their bodies.

Signs of infestation

There are many types of cockroaches, but only a few are likely to infest your home. Oriental roaches are one such species, and they can enter homes through various means, including pipes and window gaps. If you see any of the signs of an infestation below, it is important to call a pest control professional right away.

There are various telltale signs that can indicate you have an infestation of roaches in your home. Some roaches, like the Oriental roach, are more resilient to colder temperatures and can survive in freezing conditions.

Other signs include seeing the bugs themselves, finding their droppings or egg cases, and noticing a musty odor.

How to get rid of Oriental cockroaches?

You can make simple home adjustments, such as caulking up cracks and crevices and removing moisture sources. You can also place baits or traps near the roach’s hiding spots.

Oriental cockroaches, like most other types of roaches, thrive in damp and dark areas. Seal any water leaks and remove garbage bins from these locations to help get rid of them. You can also use pesticides or traps to kill them.

If you are experiencing a large population of Oriental cockroaches, there are a few steps you can take to try and get rid of them. First, you can use insecticides to control the population.

It is necessary to read the instructions carefully and follow all instructions when using an insecticide. You may also need to call in a professional if the problem is too large or widespread.

Australian Cockroaches (Periplaneta australasiae)

Austral Ellipsidion cockroach at Hughes, ACT, Australia on a summer morning in December 2019

Australian cockroaches are the largest cockroaches in Australia. They get their name from being native to Australia, but they have spread to many other parts of the world. They are typically found outdoors but can occasionally enter homes.

What do they look like?

Australian cockroaches are easily identified by their long wings, which allow them to fly short distances. They are about 1-1/4 inches long. They are reddish-brown in color and have a characteristic oval shape.

Signs of infestation

There are a few signs that can indicate you have an infestation of cockroaches. One sign is seeing the cockroaches themselves. They are typically nocturnal and will be more active at night. Another sign is damage to food or property, as cockroaches like to eat and nest in dirty areas.

Additionally, you can look for egg cases, which are brown and about the size of a grain of rice. They will often lay their eggs in dark, secluded places. They are often found beneath furniture and in storage rooms.

If you find any identical signs, it is best to call a pest control professional to assess and treat the situation.

How to get rid of Australian cockroaches?

There are eight types of cockroaches that are found in the United States. Australian cockroaches are one of these types, and they can be eliminated by using extermination, traps, or spraying methods.

Extermination generally involves baiting with insecticides and setting out poisoned food. Trapping involves placing a trap near the infestation area that will capture the roaches alive.

Smoky brown Cockroaches (Periplaneta fuliginosa)

Cockroach on Dirty Plate

Smoky brown cockroaches are a common variety of cockroach. They are typically found near water sources, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.

They are sensitive to disturbance and will avoid light, preferring to come out at night. They can fly, making them particularly difficult to get rid of, and are similar in appearance to the wood roach.

What do they look like?

Smoky brown cockroaches are also known as flying cockroaches because their wings are longer than their body. The wing of this species is its most noticeable characteristic. Some common characteristics of lepidopterans include:

– Their wings are covered in scales

– They have two pairs of antennae

Signs of infestation

There are a number of roaches types, and each has its own signs of infestation. For example, Smoky Brown roaches are typically niche in ground floor levels and basements, while German cockroaches prefer high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

The roach infestations start in leaking roofs, garbage cans, wood stacks, and sewers before spreading to other parts of the house. Colonies in landscaping beds, gutters, and groundcovers are also signs of infestation.

How to get rid of Smoky Brown cockroaches?

One of the most common ways to get rid of Smoky Brown cockroaches is to fix leaky drains. They are attracted to moisture and will congregate around leaks. Fixing your leaky drains can help reduce the population of roaches in your home or business.

One of the essentials you can undertake to get rid of smoky brown cockroaches is to clean your home regularly. This means keeping all surfaces clean and free of clutter, as well as vacuuming and sweeping regularly.

Cockroaches thrive in dirty environments, so by keeping your home clean, you will make it difficult for them to survive.

Asian Cockroaches (Blattella asahinai)

The problem in the house because of cockroaches living in the kitchen. Cockroaches hiding under a plate of food. Cockroaches are carriers of the disease.

This cockroach resembles the German cockroach in appearance. It prefers warm, humid environments and will eat almost anything, including rotting leaves and dead insects.

What do they look like?

The Asian roach is a small, brown insect with two black stripes running through its back, all the way to the abdomen. It also has white markings scattered around its body.

Signs of infestation

There are various types of roaches, and each has its own identifying features. Some signs that you may have a cockroach infestation include seeing the bugs themselves, finding droppings or egg casings, noticing an unpleasant odor, and seeing damage to food or property.

Each type of roach has different habits and can be found in different places in your home. For example, Asian roaches are attracted to lights and can be found in the balcony, garage, and sheds.

How to get rid of Asian cockroaches?

Baits and pheromone traps are the greatest ways to get rid of them because they can fly. Using insecticide to get rid of pests could also be an excellent option.

Wood Cockroaches

Giant Cockroach in Amazon rain forest

Wood roaches are a type of outdoor cockroach that can become a pest in homes when temperatures become extreme. They are usually found near woodlands or forests, but they may take shelter in homes when the weather becomes too hot or cold.

While they will not survive long indoors, they can be difficult to get rid of once they establish themselves.

What do they look like

Pennsylvania wood cockroaches are brown and 1 inch long. Female wood roaches have shorter wings than males, while nymphs do not have wings.

Knowing what the different types of roaches look like can help you identify an infestation and take appropriate action.

Signs of infestation

While they don’t live long indoors, they do build colonies near gutters and then creep inside through window gaps and vents, especially in the spring and summer. They can infest the home and reach the kitchen and living room through firewood during the cooler months.

How to get rid of wood cockroaches?

Wood cockroaches can be eliminated by sealing cracks, vents, and window gaps. You can also use an outdoor pesticide treatment to get rid of them.

Another way to get rid of wood cockroaches is to limit the amount of firewood you have around your house. Make sure that all possible cracks or crevices in your home are sealed up, as this is where they like to hide. You can also use an insecticide to kill them.


Cockroaches are more than just a nuisance. They play an important role in the environment and have a diverse range of functions. Some people even believe that they have medicinal properties. While they can be disgusting, it’s important to remember that they are an essential part of the ecosystem.

There are many types of cockroaches, and their wings can classify them. Some cockroach types cannot fly, while others can. Hopefully, you will now be able to identify the different types of roaches based on their physical features.

Though cockroaches are often seen as pests, they actually play an important role in the insect world. They are scavengers that help to break down organic matter, and they also serve as food for other animals. By learning more about cockroaches, we can put them in a more interesting light.

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