What Are The Odds Of Getting Bed Bugs On New Furniture?

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Are you wondering: what are the odds of getting bed bugs on new furniture? You should know that you are not the only one thinking about it because all of us, at some point, have lived with the fear of bringing home a piece of brand new furniture only to find that, along with it, we also bought some new guests for our house. So let us understand what the actual odds of this happening are and what to do when our worst nightmare turns into a reality.

What are odds of getting bed bugs on new furniture?

Cases of bed bugs on brand new furniture are on the rise, indicating that bedbugs are no longer isolated to just our old and used furniture.

In fact, the root cause of these vast bed bug infestations occurring to new furniture begins at the retail stores where infestations go untreated.

What are the odds of getting bed bugs on new furniture?

Because bedbugs are unable to fly, they propagate by crawling into small, soft areas and depositing eggs. A single adult bed bug can lay anywhere from one to ten eggs per day, for a total of 250–500 eggs in their lifetime.

Bedbugs can live for up to a year and go weeks without feeding on warm-blooded animals.

These features make it difficult to get rid of them after they’ve established a base of operations. As a result, the chances of obtaining bedbugs on new furniture are quite high, as hundreds of individuals from diverse areas visit furniture stores and bring bedbugs with them in their clothing or luggage, which then spread to all or most of the new furniture.

How to tell if your new furniture has bed bugs?

In order to treat your new furniture for bed bugs, the first step is to be sure that your furniture has bed bugs. You can look out for these signs to know if your new furniture has bed bugs.

A foul smell

Our sense of smell might usually be the first source to find out that something is wrong. It could be an early symptom of bed bugs if you notice a strange, musty stench coming from your new furniture.

When disturbed or threatened, bed bugs produce alarm pheromones. These pheromones produce scents that are slightly sweet or musty in nature. According to those who have encountered it personally, it smells like raspberries.

The smell of pheromones is normally very weak, almost unnoticeable to the human nose. And thus, you may need to be highly attentive to catch this smell.

Marks of excreta

The excreta marks left by bed bugs are significantly small and dark.

Adult Bed Bug

These little, dark dots seem like ink dots from a pen or marker tip. They’re about three to four times the size of the ‘full stop’ at the end of this sentence.

Bed bug droppings, which are made up of digested human blood, leave fecal stains. Because it contains iron, digested blood appears dark brown or black in color and emits a faint, musty odor that contributes to the overall disagreeable odor of a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs in flesh and bone

The most obvious sign, of course, is the presence of live bed bugs.

Unless they need to eat or are pregnant females evading aggressive males, bed bugs don’t want to roam about. Bed bugs have a habit of finding a hiding location and sticking to it.

As a result, many people do not see live bed bugs until the infestation has progressed significantly. Live bed bugs are only easily spotted when their hiding spots are disturbed, such as when you’re moving around your new furniture.

Thus, you need to be extremely vigilant about live bed bugs.

Where do bed bugs hide in furniture?

Hidden Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can hide anywhere in your new furniture item, from the cushions to the wood to the nail holes to the mattress. And if your new furniture has the tiniest crack, then the bed bugs will love it, which is why you need to check your furniture before buying it thoroughly.

Should you just throw out your bed bug-infested new furniture?

The question is whether you can afford to get rid of newly bought furniture. Sometimes the infected new furniture could be as inexpensive as a common chair, and it would be easier to get rid of something like that even if it is new.

But if the furniture is something like a new couch set or bed etc., or it could be something antique, then getting rid of the new furniture might not be a practical approach for most people.

In such a scenario, the best you can do is compare the price of pest control with the price of your new furniture and then analyze the two and decide what is more practical for you.

How to get rid of bed bugs from your new furniture?

You’re dealing with a bed bug infestation in your own house, regardless of whether you bought new furniture with bed bugs or discovered bed bugs in your new furniture shortly after it was delivered. So, what exactly do you do now?

Stop bedbug. Red prohibition road sign. Ban Bed bug

Most people cannot afford to just throw away their brand-new furniture because they have a bed bug infestations, and the retail store where you bought the furniture from would likely deny having sold you one with bed bugs.

In such a scenario, your best shot is to try and get rid of these bed bugs as quickly as you can from your house and the new furniture.

The treatment you undertake would depend on the size of the infestation. If you think there are just a few bed bugs in your furniture and they have not yet spread throughout your house, you need to act quickly and get rid of the bed bugs by using natural methods such as traps, vinegar, or tea oil.

These methods are cheaper and are capable of handling a small infestation or few bed bugs. If you have bed bugs that cannot be eliminated using natural methods, you will need to use chemicals such as Pyrethrins, Diatomaceous earth, Boric acid, etc.

However, your safest bet is to contact a good pest control service and get your new furniture along with your house treated for the infestation, as you can never be too sure if the infestation has spread or not.


Bed bugs can be bad news for your furniture as well as your house, and the odds of getting bed bugs on new furniture are extremely high these days. The best you can do is buy your furniture from a trusted furniture store after thorough research.

And worst-case scenario, if you still find your new furniture infested with bed bugs, then you need to act fast and get rid of these notorious bugs before they destroy your new furniture and spread throughout your house.

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