What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In The Bathroom?

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The most annoying thing is to witness ants in the bathtub and bathroom. So, we wonder what is the best way to get rid of ants in the bathroom? Ants are sophisticated and can be found anywhere, whether inside the house or outside. At the end of this, we will know how to prevent them from infesting our bathrooms. 

As we know, ants have the advantage of being small and having a strong sense of smell, which makes them clever to hide. These little creatures could hide anywhere, whether it be the drainage system of a house, gaps between broken tiles, non-regular cabinets, or furniture. 

Your bathroom is an attractive place for ants because of the various smells and odors it produces. If not taken care of, an ant infestation could occur, and once that happens, the situation will be worse and more difficult to handle. Still, this guide to what is the best way to get rid of ants in our bathroom will give a proper insight into tackling the ant population completely and effectively. 

Before we move further, we need to know why ants are attracted to the bathrooms so we can prevent ants from coming in firsthand. We will find the answers of we found tiny black ants in the bathroom and kitchen.

Why are ants attracted to your bathroom? 

Ants are of different types and species. Every group of ants prefers suitable surroundings to live in according to their likings. Some of them live near to sweet products to eat, some live in places where insects are not formidable and easy for their appetite. The bathroom is the most sophisticated place for all of that. 

what is the best way to get rid of ants in the bathroom

Ants enjoy salt present in soap, the scent of perfumes, lotions, soaps, and toothpaste. A clogged drain is the most important factor for ants to live in the bathroom, because soap water, lotions, and other things get trapped in the clogged drain and become the interest of ants.  

A humid atmosphere is the best feeding ground for ants and their all-time favorite weather, and without a proper ventilation system, your bathroom is heaven for them. 

Cracked pockets in your bathroom are the best places for ants to hide and infest your bathroom. Once the infestation of ants in your bathroom is done, it could be nuts to deal with them.

So first, make sure that there are no gaps between the tiles and ground inside your bathroom, and make sure that every cabinet of furniture is cleaned regularly. 

It is very easy for ants to find gaps, as these little creatures are great explorers and can spend their whole lives searching and saving. To tackle them perfectly, we need to know what type of ant you have in your bathroom.

It may sound like a load, but it is very trouble-free work to do. There is a strong reason why an effective method will be successful if that species is not prone to that, and to understand why we need to understand the types of ants in the bathroom. 

Types of ants in the bathroom 

There are many undeniably interesting facts in the world, and one of them that is crazy is that there are about 12,000 well-known species of ants on the entire planet. Every species has its own interests and ways of living, but few of them irritate our daily life and invade our bathrooms.

Carpenter ants 

Carpenter ants

These ants are black or red in color or combination, and their length could reach from 6.35 mm to 19.05 mm. You might remember these ants as the good ants in your childhood.

Carpenter ants can hide anywhere, in the gaps of tiles, broken cracks, and walls in the bathroom, and humidity provides the best nourishment for their nests. 

Moisture ants 

Moisture ants

Moisture ants are often mistaken for carpenter ants as they also take shelter in woods and wooden surfaces. They are yellowish and a little blackish in color and are long in size, but less than carpenter ants.

Like other ants, they like making their nests in moisture and high humidity. If you witness them in your bathroom, then sit assure, you got to do some plumber work.

Argentine ants 

Argentine ants

These ants like to make their nest in the bathroom area, but their favorite thing to eat and are accused of is sugary-based products, so keep your sweets away from them. Remember, your soap and shampoo also contain some level of sweetness. 

Ghost ants 

Ghost ants

As intriguing as they may sound, as annoying they are. Ghost ants have dark heads and thoraxes, but their abdomen and leg areas are white and translucent in color. Ghost ants have white, translucent antennae. These are smaller in size compared to carpenter ants and can easily hide and run fast. 

What is the best way to get rid of ants in the bathroom?

Borax powder 

Borax is chemically known as sodium borate; it is a white powdery substance that is highly corrosive in nature if swallowed. If consumed by ants, their bodies will start to degrade, and slowly, their whole intestinal system will fall apart, which will cause death eventually.

As we know, ants are fond of sweets, and if borax is mixed up with sweets, it will increase the chances by 50% that ants will consume it. Beware! Borax is highly acidic and should be used according to the norms so that it may not reach children and pets in the house

Boric acid 

Boric acid is also highly aggressive in nature. It occurs naturally and contains antifungal and antimicrobial properties, and this quality makes it perfect for killing cockroaches, rats, flies, and other insects. These properties of boric acid make it an effective pest killer.

What you have to do is sprinkle some of it around windows, doors, and the places where you might have witnessed or thought ants could be. Make a solution of water and boric acid and pour it on ants’ paths. 

Diatomaceous earth

It is highly corrosive and harsh, as it contains tiny particles of silica which makes it a sharp powdered substance. sprinkle little on the ants, it will spice up ants and they will die instantly.


Chalk is the most common substance that can be found very easily. You might find it in your kids’ toy box. Chalk is originated from limestone and is enriched with calcium carbonate, which is good for human health but not for ants. It is simple, just put powdered chalk at the entrance of the ant’s passage.

Ants cannot withstand the odor of calcium carbonate and will never try to cross the wall of chalk. However, it is not an effective remedy for the long term. 

Cucumber or citrus peels 

Citrus and sour substances are toxic to fungi, which is ants’ food. If you don’t want to mess up your bathroom with citrus peels, I would suggest going for citrus-scented liquid cleaners. This will repel ants from entering your bathroom. 

Herbs and spices 

A creature who loves sweet can never withstand the spiciness of this world. Herbs and spices such as pepper, cinnamon, cloves, etcetera will help big. Sprinkle them all around the corners of ant’s nests. The harsh smell of these spices will repel them from coming any near to it and near to your bathroom. 

Convenient ant traps 

Killer products are easily available in your convenience store and if you want to get rid of them in a brutal way, then be it. I would suggest two types of ant traps Bait station and Gels. 

The bait station

is a small box or packet containing some highly toxic substance, but ants love its odor. They get attracted and get trapped, and after touching that toxic substance, ants die, and you get rid of them. 


 Ants move in the colony, and if they get trapped successfully, the end of the ant is obvious. Apply gel on the cracked spots and other corners. Once they touch, the whole colony of ants will be sucked out of their lives

Non-toxic sprays 

Non-toxic sprays could be any spray with chemical properties, such as your deodorant or highly chemical-induced room fresheners. This method is convenient if there is no window or ventilation system in the bathroom and if the size of the bathroom is small. 


An Ant on the wall

An insecticide is the most famous, easy, and, importantly, most reliable option to kill any insect or pest. It is the quickest way to get rid of ants. But beware again, insecticides are not only harmful to insects but could also harm anyone indirectly because of their harsh chemical properties.

So do not forget to wear an effective covering and mask before doing it yourself and go for an expert exterminator for this work if possible. 

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