What Natural Scent Bed Bugs Don’t Like?

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Breaking the sleep to wakefulness right at midnight is frustrating, and even more frustrating is the itchy bites. Maybe it’s the bed bugs, and therefore, now you have been obliged to know what natural scent bed bugs don’t like. At least working hard to eliminate those creatures is better than waking up each night to itchy irritations. 

A bed bug is a pest who also has similar likings. Your mattress is their home away from home. They are tiny, wingless insects coated with a redding-brown color. Daytime is a time to hide, while the night is when they crawl themselves up. Since they have no wings, they are unable to fly. 

Bed bugs are an uninvited part of the house but generally come along with one person or another. For example, transfer of second-hand furniture or mattresses, crawling from one room to another within the same apartment, etc. They can be as tiny as they can be, but never invincible.

Bed bugs might have been taking refuge in your house for who knows how long. They have been created by nature to survive on blood. Fortunately, no known diseases are spreading from bed bugs to humans. 

However, bed bugs cause allergies, so hosting them does not make sense. If you see that you have bed bugs, you need not worry as there are effective measures to help you kick the bugs out of your area.

If there are no bugs yet, you have a sense that they might come anytime soon. There are also preventive measures that you can consider.

Signs of Infestation

beg bugs in bed

Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

use what natural scent bed bugs don't like to avoid allergies

The arrival of bed bugs is unknown. And they may go through various hiding mechanisms, given that their structures are well made for the same. 

They prefer staying in groups, hiding together, and not making nests for themselves. 

They’d first hide on mattresses and bed frames as those are places where it’s easy to reach you while sleeping. As time passes, bugs will scatter and soon reach out to all directions in the room. 

Bed bugs are in your room as a method of survival. They need your blood to thrive, and it doesn’t matter if your house is filthy or posh. Once they arrive, they will only flee from a bed bug repellent.

Ways of avoiding bed bugs and sending any bed Bugs away

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Be wise about your stays at hotels. Carry oil scents if you think that’d be helpful. Also, keep your essentials nearby and do not let your purse hang on the floor or bed. You can use the clothing rack, but make sure it’s far away from the bed and walls. 

Upon returning, wash your clothes and wipe your bags properly. 

As far as taking precautions from your room, keep it fresh. The effectiveness of oil scents is already known, so use that from time to time. 

Note: declutter the mess, especially those around the bed. 

Remove any substance that carries dirt. And use sheets, curtains, blankets, or pillow covers that have been washed and wash them regularly. 

what natural scent bed bugs don’t like?

Bed bug fear or bedbug worry concept as a cast shadow of a a parasitic insect pest resting on a pillow and sheets as a symbol and metaphor for the anxiety horror and danger of a bloodsucking parasite living inside your mattress.

Pests such as bed bugs do instigate on mattresses, but they still are insects who can’t choose what happens to them. Also, note that the below-given tricks to send any bed bug away are based on the fact that bed bugs dislike strong scents by nature.

Cinnamon and cinnamon oil

The cinnamon smell is completely off for bugs. Just sprinkle a few pinches on the bed, and then no bed bug remains or dares to return. 

Neem Oil

Neem oil scent is another effective bed bug repellent. And if used, you will repel two things at a time- bugs and mosquitoes.

Lemon juice

Lemon is a citrus thing, and anything that smells like citrus sends any bed bugs away. Although there’s a fine citrus scent to lemon, humans do not find it strong enough. While for bed bugs, the same strength becomes intolerable.

Lemon juice repels bed bugs. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on the bugs if you want the end. 

Powdered Pepper

Take pepper powder and sprinkle it on areas of bed bug infestation. Within no time, you’ll see that no bugs are remaining. Likewise, the scents are the primary cause of their departure from other remedies.

Pepper scents are strong for humans themselves, so there’s no chance you’ll question its repelling feature. For insects and pests, pepper is very irritating. An even more annoying thing for them is the powdered form of pepper. 

It is very convenient as pepper is one such ingredient that is always available in the kitchen, and even if it’s not the case, you can purchase it from any grocery store.

Diatomaceous Earth

The best thing is DE will kill them in no time. So after you have seen that the bed bug population is dead, clean the remaining DE powder and dead bugs. 

Diatomaceous earth is formed from fossilized algae and works by dispersing its strong smell and taking the moisture content from bed bugs. If there were an award show, the all-rounder title would go to Diatomaceous Earth as it can successfully be implied on insects, pests, ants, and bed bugs.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a derivative of the lavender plant and has a nice scent. It is an essential oil known for its effectiveness in repelling insects and is one of the best oils to repel bed bugs.

There are two outcomes you get. First, a home that smells fresh in lavender. Second, a house free of bed bugs as bugs will escape from lavender essential oil scent then and there. 

As a part of repelling bugs, you can either spray the lavender oil in specific areas of infestation or move on to spray the entire house. 

Rubbing Alcohol

Almost every individual has rubbing alcohol at their home. Even sanitizers contain the substance in large amounts. 

Firstly, the scent becomes intolerable to them, and secondly, rubbing alcohol will bring dryness to the insects’ bodies until they die. 

Rubbing alcohol will also prevent the bugs from laying eggs, and naturally, they fly away to other places with no scent. This way, the entire bed bug population comes down to fewer than half. 

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil, known to fight off bacteria and acne problems, is commonly used to treat bed bugs. 

Due to the fragrance of essential oil, bugs are forced to leave. Besides its odor, bugs are also more prone to have adverse effects on their exoskeleton

Spray essential oils in those areas where the infestation is more likely to happen.


Bed bugs and almost all kinds of pests have an unhealthy relationship with peppermint oil. Freeing pests is one advantage. Another advantage is that your home will only cater freshness through peppermint oil. And if used regularly, it’s a guaranteed goodbye to bugs and pests. 

Blood Orange Oil

Again, the last remedy is a very effective essential oil, the Blood Orange oil that also repels and kills bed bugs. Again, the scent is the key to effectiveness. 

Only a single time spraying at home and areas of infestation is more than enough- but it’s always suggested that you do it routine-wise. That way, you repel the pests and ensure they don’t return. 

Pesticides for bed bug repellent

A man use fumigation mosquitoes machine for kill mosquito carrier of Zika virus and dengue fever prevention outbreak in school at the rainy season.Soft and blur focus.

Using pesticides as bed bug repellent comes with more horrendous factors. Moreover, the chemically made pesticides might not work that well. Although it somewhat repels bed bugs, it can also harm your body. The compound it is made from is certainly not very safe.  

Call pest control first if you find it extremely difficult and see it as out of the league. Keep that as a better preference than applying pesticides on your house and mattress on your own. 


Natural products deserve to be praised rather than harmful chemicals infused with many toxic substances. One can only input pesticides for beds and mattresses if they say pesticide-safe. 

So to be lenient towards the less harmful side, mentioned natural remedy repels bed bugs as effectively as a pest control would, except that you have to implement the used methods regularly. The nicest thing is that you don’t need to run from store to store looking for things, as most of these techniques use a single ingredient that is completely home-based.

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