Why Do Flies Exist? The Answer Might Surprise You!

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Imagine you’ve got everything ready for a relaxing time on a nice summer afternoon and are suddenly assaulted by the buzzing flies. They simply return after you swat them, and you are eventually left to wonder, Why do flies exist?

And, while I understand they can be extremely annoying, However, flies get a terrible rap; therefore, here we will discover Why do flies exist?

Read on, and the answer might surprise you!

Is there a rationale why flies exist?

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The simple answer is Yes. There are many genuine reasons why flies exist.

For instance, house flies play an important role in our environment. They help break down and recycle organic waste, which helps keep our planet healthy.

In addition to their environmental benefits, flies serve an essential purpose in the food chain. They are both hunters and prey, meaning that they help to keep the populations of other animals in check.

While these are a few important reasons for the existence of flies, let us move on to the next section and understand in detail why flies exist.

Why do flies exist? (despite being really annoying)

why do flies exist

Flies are one of the most ubiquitous creatures on earth. They are found everywhere and serve an important purpose in the ecosystem.

While they may be annoying, they are a necessary part of our environment. Let me explain how:

Flies for food

Flies make up a large percentage of the insect family and are essential for the web of life. Flies help to break down decaying matter and recycle nutrients back into the soil.

Furthermore, some species of flies are an important source of food for other animals.

For example, The black soldier fly is a species of fly that is not harmful to humans and can be used for feed. The larvae of the fly can consume up to half their weight in 24 hours, making them an excellent source of food for animals.

In fact, black soldier fly larvae have been found to be healthier and more sustainable than other animal feed sources.

Medical maggots

Maggots are fly larvae that are applied to infected areas. They are a natural way to clean and heal wounds without the use of antibiotics.

When a person has an open wound that is not healing, medical maggots can be introduced as part of the treatment. They eat the dead tissue around the wound while leaving the healthy tissue alone.

After the maggot treatment, most of the larvae will fall out on their own, and the patient’s wound will start to heal.

Maggot therapy is a common treatment for diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers.

Smooth pollinator

Flies are one of the most important pollinators. They are able to pollinate a variety of plants, including those that bees cannot. Flies also play an important role in honey production, as they are responsible for transferring pollen from flower to flower.

In addition, these flying critters help to pollinate food items on the table and other crops, which helps to ensure that these plants can reproduce.

Why Are Flies So Annoying?

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Though you now know the beneficial reasons for the existence of flies, however, we cannot deny the fact that they can be extremely annoying as well. This is particularly true because they do interfere with our daily activities.

And while flies are not intentionally irritating, they only become so when they invade our world and impede our pathways.

Therefore, let us comprehend some annoying reasons Why do flies exist.

Flies Are Persistent

Flies are incredibly persistent creatures. They will keep making their way back no matter how many times you swat them or try to wave them away. This is because they are attracted to the smell of food or garbage.

In addition, owing to their persistent behavior, flies tend to land in hard-to-reach places. They also lay eggs in moist areas, so it is difficult to get rid of them completely.

Flies Cause Stress

It has been scientifically proven that flies cause stress.

One, flies are incredibly attracted to food and moisture, and once they have found a food or water source in your home, they will not hesitate to invade. Therefore, it is inevitable that flies will find their way into your home at some point, and once they do, others will quickly follow.

Two flies in groups are often seen as a sign of uncleanliness or disease.

Therefore, the invasion, eventually leading to fly infestation, is not only an annoying situation but can also be extremely stressful.

Flies Land On People

It turns out that humans are irresistible to flies, and they will land on us whenever they have the opportunity.

And while for some people, this isn’t a problem, for others, flies landing on them can be quite annoying and be seen as an invasion of their personal space.

So why are flies attracted to humans?

Well, there are many reasons why they are attracted to humans. One reason is that flies need food, and they can find a lot of protein in human blood. They are also drawn to sweat and other smells on the skin.

Additionally, some types of flies lay their eggs on decaying flesh, so they are naturally drawn to humans because we produce a lot of waste.

They Fly At Your Face

Insects, including flies, are attracted to sources of carbon dioxide. When a fly smells or senses carbon dioxide, it is drawn toward the source. This is why flies often fly around people’s faces – they are attracted to the CO2 coming from our mouths and noses.

They Multiply Quickly

Flies have a very short lifespan, but they can multiply quickly.

In a matter of days, a single fly can lay hundreds of eggs that will quickly hatch and produce flies.

They typically mate on the wing, and the female will lay her eggs in hidden places like crevices or under leaves. Once the eggs hatch, the new flies will search for food and start the cycle all over again.

This means that flies can quickly become a nuisance if they are not dealt with properly.


In conclusion, hopefully, you now understand the importance of Why do flies exist. Understandably, though these insects possess their share of annoyance, however, they also come with the above-mentioned benefits!

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